Pop Songstress Astrid Tanton Takes Us On A Journey of Self Respect with New Single “Comfort”

Fri Jul 08, 2022

Sometimes the wrong person can give us what at first seems like comfort, and it’s up to us to get right in our heads and figure out how to not abandon our self-regard. That’s what the new single by Canadian pop songstress Astrid Tanton, appropriately titled “Comfort” - that s what it is all about: finding a home within ourselves.

“Comfort” is at varying points talk-sing introspective, lounge-y, and then pulsing dance track. It’s warm and fuzzy at the edges, and the overall mood is, indeed, comfort despite the fact that it deals with getting dissed by someone who’s not all in. “But you are just so comforting to me,” Tanton tries to persuade herself for a while until she just can’t anymore. The comfort, ultimately, lies in the song’s self-awareness, and the narrator’s prevailing self-respect.

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Toronto Singer-Songwriter Astrid Tanton Grapples with Heartbreak in “Love You”

Fri Oct 29, 2021

There’s no more powerless feeling than wanting to love someone only for that person to push that love away, and Canadian indie-pop singer/songwriter Astrid Tanton sits with such sentiments in her new single “Love You”.

Fresh from her debut album, From My Eyes, Tanton’s vocals soar as she sings with the clear-voiced honesty of feeling (metaphorically) bruised by a relationship rotting from the inside, all amid velvety synth and full-bodied piano.

You’ve got me beat up and bruised
I crash into you
Another night, another fight
What should I do?
Because I just want to love you

“This song came from learning to navigate love and relationships,” Tanton says. “Being young and falling in love is completely idealized by society, when it can be really difficult. This song focuses on the fear of being vulnerable and trusting someone to be careful with your heart.

“Love isn’t easy, but nothing worth it ever comes easy.”

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Take Oath & Bear Witness: “Jury” is in Session for Canadian Artist Astrid Tanton’s Striking New Single

Fri Aug 27, 2021

It’s a witchy world of rumours, stories, gossip, and telephone games. And for Canadian indie sensation Astrid Tanton, it’s about clearing everything at once on this, her new single and video, “Jury” — available now.

Fresh from her breakthrough debut EP, From My Eyes, “Jury” comes from a place of learning and hurt, the Toronto-based artist explains. Her message is ageless — there is their version, your version, and... Somewhere in the middle is the truth.

And Tanton isn’t afraid to expose it.

“There’s a reason people always say there’s two sides to a story,” she says. “People will twist and tell a story to benefit themselves.

“‘Jury’ explores that relationship of being placed as the ‘villain’ or the ‘bad guy’ in a story.

“The concept behind the ‘Jury’ video follows myself and ‘the jury,’” Tanton continues, offering a behind-the-scenes take of her visual counterpart of the track. “The jury represents not only people who are being told a one-sided story, but the intrusive thoughts that can follow you when you are constantly being painted as the bad guy.

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Pop Singer/Songwriter Astrid Tanton is “Better Off” with the Release of Her Latest Single

Fri Dec 11, 2020

When it comes to following her own intuition — and her latest track — Canadian indie pop singer/songwriter Astrid Tanton is decidedly “Better Off.”

The sophomore single from her forthcoming debut album, From My Eyes, “Better Off” continues to pair the fast-rising 18-year-old artist’s insights with her unique sound; the album’s premiere song, “Comfort,” was released earlier this Fall.

“‘Better Off’ follows me trying to navigate what I think is best for me vs what the people who I care about think is best for me,” Tanton says, sharing the song’s meaning. “It’s about the battle between what you feel in your heart going against what those who know you and care for you think.

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Kingston's Singer/Songwriter ASTRID TANTON Offers “Comfort” with New Single

Fri Oct 30, 2020

Kingston, ON”s indie pop singer/songwriter Astrid Tanton shares the view from her perspective with “Comfort,” the premiere single ahead of her forthcoming debut album, From My Eyes — available now!

“‘Comfort’ focuses on a lot of uncertainty and, unlike the name, uncomfortable times in your life,” Tanton muses. “It’s tough to leave something behind that was hurting you because there was some sense of certainty around it, and it’s a common thing for people to sacrifice their feelings for what’s comfortable.

“To me, that’s not okay and never will be.

“Once you can move into the unknown and away from the ‘comfortable’ with your head held high, you always become stronger.”

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