Monsieur Job Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow

Fri Mar 24, 2017

South American based act Monsieur Job has released a memorable single “Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow” certain to be an enormous hit with Latino listeners, but the quality is so high that’s safe to say this song has a lot of crossover potential begging to be realized. The power of this release is twofold – it lies in the mix of Caribbean/Latino influences with the urban beats now so common in EDM and hip-hop, but given an additional spike in Monsieur Jobs’ hands. The second factor is in how the band’s four members bring a cross-section of influences. Songwriters Toby Holguin and Stan Kolev, alongside other members Charlie Illera and Leo Jaramillo, are well schooled in both DJ style and live music that enables them to bring organic qualities to bear on the largely electronica nature of the music. This is one of the year’s most compelling singles thus far and will likely finish as such. It’s also coupled with a powerful remixed version that will enjoy many admirers as well.

Monsieur Job

Fri Oct 27, 2017

On “Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow” - Monsieur Job, fuse diverse talents by inviting artists such as; Marty of No Mercy, Kiño, Luis Carlos Toro, Alejandro Gomes Caceres, Sarah Sophia, Elemece, Thiago, Christian Gimenez, Vojke Djans, Diego Caceres, Oscar Moncada, Denis Dzigal, Cholo, Vick D, Mc Lions & Bingi, Kid Corrupt, Dave Floyd, Nacho Alvarez, Pablo Bendov and Aldo Cadiz therefore mixing a variation of many styles recreating genres like Reggaetón Electronica, Dancehall, Reggae, Dub, Tropical House, Rock, Chill Out, Rap, Trap, Hip Hop, Worship, and Son Montuno involving Afro Cuban and African Succu rhythms.