Paul Sanderson - A Lawyer, A Laureate, A Poet and a Musician

Fri Jun 18, 2021

In the music industry, when the discussion of lawyers comes up, 9 times out of 10 the name Paul Sanderson is mentioned, more often than not the comment is “Paul is my lawyer”. (Even I get to say that). But what so many don’t know is what a diversified career this deep and thoughtful man has and his latest poetry book embraces that sensitive and soulful side of a diversified talent.

Paul Sanderson at Musideum November 25 for Up Close and Personal Event

Fri Nov 20, 2015

On Wednesday, November 25 music people will have a unique opportunity like no other if they attend this event at Toronto’s premiere listening venue, Musideum.

If you don’t know Paul who heads up Sanderson Law, here are a few merit points to his legal career.

• Exclusively serving clients in arts and entertainment field for over 30 years
• Consistently names ‘Most Frequently Recommended’ as an entertainment lawyer in the Canadian legal directory “LEXPERT”.
• Listed in the 2011 edition of “The Best Lawyers In Canada” in the practice area of Entertainment Law.
• The leading writer on legal aspects of Canadian music law and visual arts
• Author and editor of “Musicians and the Law in Canada”.
• Co-Author of “Artists’ Contracts: Agreements for Visual and Media Artists”.
• Paul Sanderson has published a new informative handbook for Canada “Music Law Handbook for Canada: 10 Essential Legal Articles (Publisher: Seraphim Editions). It is a first of its kind publication in this field.

Paul Sanderson Guitar Case, Brief Case, Law Case Celebrating 30 Years

Fri Apr 05, 2013

The calm, quiet voice of Paul Sanderson doesn’t sound like he is even close to 30 years old, let alone having been in the law business for that long. But it has been 30 years on April 07, 2013, that this multi-faceted man has been practising arts and entertainment law. The name Paul Sanderson is a familiar one with most of us in the music world who would have required an entertainment lawyer at one point in our careers. Quite a celebration and a test of time, in a business that is known for its lack of tenacity and longevity.