Emma Rush & Sara Traficante’s Azuline Duo Release Sophomore Album, Fandango

Fri Feb 12, 2021

Following their 2016 debut, Romanza: The Music of Spain and South America, Azuline Duo — the Hamilton-based ensemble — has just released its eagerly awaited sophomore album, Fandango. The record features 15 unique performances of music by some of the world’s finest classical composers, including Gerald Garcia and Santiago De Murcia.

The classical/folk-inspired ensemble features two award-winning, versatile musicians: guitarist Emma Rush and flutist Sara Traficante. In their career together, the two have always aimed to push the boundaries of their instruments and conventional programming with unusual and rarely heard repertoire and a dynamic onstage presence that engages audiences right from the very first note. They are a sonic force to be reckoned with.

Fandango includes Azuline Duo’s take on two works by the renowned Brazilian musician Chiquinha Gonzaga: “Lua Branca” and “Atraente.” “When we’re writing arrangements, we love finding all the different ways to use our instruments to bring the music to life — whether it’s singing through the flute, or recording percussion on the guitar,” they said. “Anything goes!”