Legendary Icon Alan Frew of Glass Tiger and Pineo & Loeb team up for Collaboration on “Hey Jude”

Fri Feb 19, 2021

Alan Frew of Legendary Canadian Grammy Nominated Rock Band Glass Tiger and producer duo PINEO & LOEB team up to take on one of the greatest songs ever written, Hey Jude. This explosive cover of the iconic Beatles song honours the original while taking it in thrilling new directions, weaving in “I Am The Walrus'' and restructuring it around festival ready drops of bass. Featuring a chorus of background singers, soaring sax and 808 drums, it takes the song into the 21st century while staying true to its roots.

Julian Lennon who, Paul McCartney wrote the song for in 1968, approved of this version, gave his support and offered us the advice to really try and make the song our own. “Julian’s feedback inspired us to rearrange the song's structure and work in some of his fathers lyrics to the ending.” says LOEB. Paul originally titled the song “Hey Jules”, referring to Julian's nickname but changed the line to Jude as it felt better to sing. Alan references this in the new cover by singing “Hey Jules” midway through.