Folk-Rock Duo Robinson Kirby Dub 2021 the “Summer of Love” with New Feel-Good Single

Fri Jul 23, 2021

Following hot on the heels of their recently released debut LP, Little Dreams, Canadian folk rock duo Robinson Kirby serve up the sure-fire feel-good hit of the season; “Summer of Love”.

Their fifth single, the release is accompanied by a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing lyric video which sees the Toronto-based band singing and jamming together by some rocks at the shore of Lake Ontario. Just as the pair intended with this single, the low-key visuals of this video allow the lyrical and instrumental elements to shine through in a truly authentic manner — clear of any distraction.

Luke Robinson and Madelyn Kirby, the masterminds behind the tune, simply wanted to create a “summer song,” henceforth: “Summer of Love”. They agreed it would have to be a song that just “sounded good played loud” — say, if you were driving down the highway with your windows down on a blazing hot day.

Check out “Summer of Love here on YouTube:

Toronto’s Breezy Folk-Rock Duo Robinson Kirby Are Off to “Find A Way” in New Single

Fri Apr 16, 2021

Breezy Canadian folk-rock duo Robinson Kirby are off to “Find A Way” when it comes to lost affections in this, their heartwarming love-quest of a new single and video — available now

Freshly pressed from their 2021 seven-track album offering, Little Dreams, the rhythm section of “Find A Way” instills a sense of beautiful calm, reminiscent of a gentle stream while the satiny vocal tones send the listener floating through the song with a feeling of warming assurance.

The song features a graceful, echoey twang of the electric guitar, and its solo, along with the slide of the lap steel, tie the instrumentation together seamlessly. These elements combined create a serene audible flow that contrasts the turbulence surrounding the song’s theme based on the uncertainty of lasting love.

Love may be blind, but we can always find our way through. These sentiments are suggested by the lyrics: ‘I don’t look at you the same, since we played the losing game, but I will try and find my way.’

Check out “Find A Way” on YouTube here: