Powered Up West Coast Outfit The Garrett Band Issues “The Warning”

Fri May 07, 2021

Consider yourself on high alert in the most melodic way possible. Vancouver-based progressive rock quartet The Garrett Band have a hard rockin’ heads up for everyone with their new single “The Warning”, dropping April 24, 2021.

Arriving directly on the heels of their current top ten Cashbox Radio Top 20 Pick Hit, “Systematic”, “The Warning” is the sonic harbinger for the band’s upcoming fourth album due out on Canada Day. With commanding, staccato strings interwoven with powerful lead guitar and kick drum strikes supporting lead vocalist/songwriter Sean Garrett’s soaring voice, the song pulls no punches about some big pitfalls.

“The Warning is about addiction, self-destruction and a change that needs to be made before it is too late,” the band asserts. “You never had no faith, You always crossed the warning sign”

Check out the YouTube of “The Warning” here: