Pop-Rock Artist Priz Em Gives Life to Virtual Fantasy in New Single, “Heartless”

Fri May 21, 2021

To set the scene... In our own galaxy, on the fringe of the Mega Centarri cluster, a war has all but consumed the blue planet Zederth. After a thousand years of peace and harmony, virtual diva Priz Em and her lover, the musician/scientist Prin Jori Merkanteel aka Stray Horn, are forced to go to battle; not only with an unseen enemy, but also with each other.

As their story unfolds through the graphic novels of Mega Centarri I & II, our heroine has released her own tracks and music videos to “move your spirit and your feet” — one of which being “Heartless” — a near-homage to the pop synth sound of the 80s, laced with the nostalgia of the 90s, all hinging on her deep, Bonnie-Tyler-esque husk that draws you in and keeps you locked inside.

Check out “Heartless” on YouTube here: