Cyber-Metal Psy-Rocker Delivers S4lvati0n with New Single, “Weird Equals Cool”

Fri Jun 04, 2021

Prepare to thrash when you go deep with Canadian cyber-metal psy-rocker S4lvati0n and his blood soaked, sweat-stained, melodic massacre of a new single, “Weird Equals Cool” — available now.

The self-proclaimed indie metalhead leaves it all on the mix as he storms the gates with his newly dubbed genre cyber metal. A sophisticated remix of synth, industrial, heavy bass and percussion intertwined with traditional metal maximized, “Weird Equals Cool” is a welcome foray into a constantly evolving genre. Where S4lvati0n picks up is off the trail of his idols before him, blazing a new course into headbanging utopia.

“In 2019 and 2020, I was at my lowest mental health-wise,” S4lvati0n shares. “I lost my motivation completely, and I stopped being myself.

“I became a bit of a dulled, ‘chilled-out’ caricature of who I was before,” he reveals, adding, “but the thing that I find most outstandingly upsetting is that people started telling me I was ‘cool’ now, and they started talking badly about how I was before.