J-Pop Artist Shihori Releases Soaring Ode to Better Days Ahead in New Video, “Your Song”

Fri Nov 26, 2021

In a soaring ode to her past, present, and future self, along with any others who may be grappling similar sentiments, J-Pop darling Shihori releases a jubilant and spirited new video in “Your Song”.

Watch “Your Song” here:

The latest to land from her first full-length U.S. album, Mutation, “Your Song” sees the currently Los Angeles-based artist respond to previously held concerns around self-harm.

That said, morose notions of despondency are nowhere to be found in “Your Song;” in fact, quite the opposite... From its passionate percussion and expressive vocal runs — not to mention hushed piano melodies and equally enchanting harmonies — Shihori’s fusion of pop makes a grand splash through headphones and onto the screen where her visuals bring the experience into a mesmerizing 180.

J-Pop Sensation Shihori Fuses Musical Eclecticism Into a Fluid Think Piece with New 'Mutation' Album

Fri Oct 08, 2021

With each song a piece of art unto itself, J-Pop indie sensation Shihori’s aptly titled new album, Mutation cleverly surmises her uncanny ability to fuse her eclecticism in music into a fluid think piece.

At 15-tracks strong, and available now, the dynamic debut LP features new single, “Under the Skin.” With her exquisite vocals clear, pristine, and with a touch of lilt that lands like the beauty of precious glass, Shihori shines on the track — its layered harmonies creating mesmerizing, siren-esque hooks that grab you from inside and refuse to let you go.

Check  out “Under the Skin” here:

Weaving intricate melodies with pop culture edge, Shihori fluently mashes the harmonies with exciting instrumentation. Where she excels is her ability to lure you in and captivate you long enough to keep you around till the next track.