Bree Whitworth Sings About The Right Love at the Wrong “Time” in New Single

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Just ask Romeo and Juliet: Finding the perfect love is a noble pursuit that can be fraught with peril. It can either work out to be forever, or never — and often, it all comes down to the timing. Canadian singer-songwriter Bree Whitworth is adding her voice to the chorus of the star-crossed swoons with her new single and remix, “Time”.

Check out “Time” here:

An honest, heartfelt ballad that delivers full ‘80s nostalgia recalling Heart, The Bangles and Tiffany, “Time” is about meeting the right person but the timing is off, dooming the relationship. It’s the type of situation that the Vancouver-based artist feels has been amplified due to the global pandemic, and she has personal proof; as COVID shuttered the world, Whitworth was also experiencing the shuttering of a romantic relationship, and the grief and self-reflection that goes along with it.