Kete Bowers Paper Ships

Fri Dec 20, 2019

We’ve seen all the glowing comparisons; Cohen, Dylan, Cash, Prine and Young, and they are well placed but being all North American, their take on desolation and societal disintegration is bound to be different from that of a man from the English Northlands.

Bower´s recently released second album doesn’t hesitate to throw us headlong into the pit of alcoholism, loneliness and quiet desperation that’s the new norm in England’s rust belt. Bowers feels the pain and articulates it in finely honed lyrical details atop a piece of music that’s a strange striped down Americana which nevertheless is the perfect framework for these songs.

A minimalist rhythm guitar leads us on a trek through broken hearts and shattered dreams, the fine points filed in by electric guitar, pedal steel or Dobro, the grand design etched by Bower’s sonorous and deep baritone. The voice of doom never sounded so arresting. All slowly paced, the material invokes an endless trudge through tedium and hopelessness, leavened with some dashes of minor chording to keep a sense of unease shadowing the songs’ characters.

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Fri Jul 12 2019
Kete Bowers

It’s a blue-skied and sunny day and pouring out of the speakers is the most melancholic UK voice since Bert Jansch. It belongs to Kete Bowers, a Liverpudlian singer-songwriter and it’s rolling out the tunes of the current album, Paper Ships. It has a Canuck connection, produced by and featuring Michael Timmins alongside his Cowboy Junkies drummer brother Peter and released on the Current Records. The material is very much about loss, depression, fear and despair on both a community and individual level, delivered in tones reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt.

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Fri Dec 07 2018
The Tiki Collective

Santa willing, this could be one hot mess of a Christmas party. The Tiki Collective (TTC) is a large ensemble of instrumentalists and vocalists based in Toronto who have performed around Ontario for the past two years including jazz festivals, clubs and charity events. It is also the most slyly subversive of Jaymz Bee’s several bands and invariably brings the party. The stellar lineup is George Koller bass, Eric St-Laurent guitar, Great Bob Scott drums, Michael Davidson vibes, Bill McBirnie, flute. Vocalists include but are not limited to: Jaymz Bee, Jocelyn Barth, Lily Frost, John Finley, Heather Luckhart, Denielle Bassels, Irene Torres, Jessica Lalonde

The Tiki Collective's debut album 'Muse' has been taking North America by blizzard, charting on the Canadian "Earshot" as well as the American "Jazzweek" Charts.