Toronto-Based Folk Rockers Village Manor Explore a Parent’s Hard Work in New Single “Just Smile”

Fri Jul 29, 2022

Life can be incredibly difficult just in terms of trying to survive, and children often aren’t blind to their parents’ struggles. In their hopeful-melancholy new single “Just Smile” Toronto folk-rockers Village Manor explore the routine of the daily grind from both the parents’ and a child’s perspective, and sometimes simultaneously.

With beautiful guitar fingerpicking, piano, and frayed-edges vocals soaked in experience, “Just Smile” is a beautiful, cascading ballad that gives voice to a sleep-deprived, working-class existence. “Well it’s four in the morning, waking up for us/ The stars are still shining as you run to catch the bus/ You’re young but getting older with hard times/ One more dream will make your whole life shine.”

Check out “Just Smile” on YouTube here:

Canadian Folk-Rockers Village Manor Talk About Finding That “Special One” in Catchy New Single

Fri Apr 15, 2022

Canadian folk-rock group Village Manor tells a musical tale of being lucky enough to find that unique someone in our lives with their catchy new single, “Special One” – Check it on YouTube here:

The latest Village Manor song is a heartfelt story that naturally fits the uplifting instrumental arrangement and speaks to the rhythmic chemistry of the band. Bright guitars and splashy drum fills are seamlessly interwoven with warm vocals to create a sound that is recognizable yet distinctly different.

In tandem with the smooth vocal work, the lyrics convey the trials and tribulations that come with keeping the “Special One” in our lives happy.

Alt-Folk Rockers Village Manor Implore the World to Put “Gunsaway” with Release of New Single

Fri Feb 18, 2022

Canadian alt-folk rockers Village Manor are encouraging the act of “Gunsaway” with the release of their new single — check it out on YouTube here:

The imploring plea arrives as their debut release, and was inspired by how “tired everyone is waking up every morning to the news of gun violence on a consistent basis,” co-front John Weinberg says.

“It’s every single day!”

“How many times can we wake up, how many times can we hear,” asks the lyrics. “It’s only time - and a time for winning, time for losing, time for loving, and a time to stop saying goodbye.”