Future Echoes does Norrköping Music Day again 25 of August, 2022 in Norrköping, Sweden

Fri Jul 08 2022
Future Echoes

During the pandemic, we created a smaller version of Future Echoes called Norrköping Music Day 2021. It was a great event, so we decided to keep the event and develop it further.

Norrköping Music Day is like an upstart to Future Echoes. The event is free, and we are educating people that want to get into the business on how a showcase festival works, and what to do to make the most of a showcase festival. This is the place to learn how it all works for free. The event will be on Hallarna in Norrköping, where we had our past festivals.

We have three panels with big international speakers during the day. In the evening we have three to four acts playing.

We are aiming the event at the music industry that is in the Norrköping area, but we hope that people from other places that want to mingle with both local and international industry professionals who are in attendance. It’s a good start to understanding how to navigate Future Echoes or any other bigger showcase festival.

Inaugural Edition of Future Echoes in Sweden Huge Success

Fri Mar 18 2022
Panel on Future Echoes

Photo Credits: Peter Astedt and Future Echoes

It was the first full edition of Future Echoes in Norrköping, Sweden, 17 to 19 of February 2022. The Festival planning had begun in 2020 when participants from various showcase festivals in Sweden joined together to build a new International Showcase Festival in Norrköping, Sweden.

While the planning was discussed and the first actions were taken to start the Festival,

COVID hit the world, and everything was pushed. The first edition was first postponed from February 2021 to September and then from September to the original dates on February 17 to 19, 2022.

Then the variant Omicron hit and Sweden was put  in lockdown as of January  2022. The Festival then made a  decision to make it with the restrictions just to make it happen. Luckily the restrictions in Sweden were lifted on the 9th of February, just a week before the Festival.