Blues Diva Angelique Francis Lays Down the Law in Less Than Sixty Seconds with “Take Command”

Fri May 27, 2022

Angelique Francis Lays Down the Law in Less Than Sixty Seconds with “Take Command”. She’s hosting the Maple Blues Awards coming up, which, when you can be mesmerized by an artist singing a song that is fifty-four seconds long and contains only layered vocals, handclaps, and percussion, you’ll get why… That artist has a spellbinding gift, and this one belongs to Canadian rising blues star Angelique Francis who means business in under a minute with this, her new single “Take Command” – watch and enjoy it on YouTube here:

Take command, take command
Don’t rely on another man

Angelique Francis Rides the Current of Human Connection with New Album, Long River

Fri Apr 01 2022
Angelique Francis

It takes so much more than a strong voice, songs, and performing ability to break through the ocean’s swell of talent out there; it also takes a special ‘something’ that, while hard to pinpoint, is undeniably irresistible… With that, there’s no denying powerhouse blues singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Angelique Francis has ‘it,’ and she’s letting it flow for the immense pleasure of listeners everywhere with the release of her highly anticipated second album, Long River.

Check it out “Storms From My Eyes” on YouTube here:

Featuring the release’s first single, “Storms From My Eyes, the stunning slow-burner of a song sets a languid, classic blues heartbreak start to the engrossing voyage down the Ottawa-based artist’s new 14-track collection.