Breakthrough Pop Artist Michael Graff Stashes Good Times In Nostalgic New Single, “History”

Fri May 27, 2022

Music is powerful; it can store memories for us – good and bad – so that we may call upon them at seemingly anytime. Michael Graff’s new single “History” is a testament to the power that music has when housing our most intimate memories – check it out on Spotify here:

An ethereal pop composition that houses the feelings of a beautiful night with a beautiful girl, “History” sees Michael Graff telling the tale of two Texas kids in LA, caught in a moment of magic.

“For me, music is a great way of capturing moments,” Graff reflects on the feeling of nostalgia. “Nothing takes you back to a time, place, and even a feeling quite like a song. In this instance, we were just a couple of Texas kids far away from home and, for some reason, it was magical.”