Canadian Rocker Harkness Is Out With His Sultry And Sweet Alternative Anthem, “Sugar Bitch”

Fri Aug 05, 2022

Harkness’ agility to write a beautiful song, while simultaneously casting a net of sobering lyrics sets the artist apart in his fantastical foray of songwriting. In “Sugar Bitch”, he juxtaposes a track slung together of gorgeous melodies while regaling the tale of struggling with love.  Check it out on YouTube here:

“Usually when I write a song it comes straight from my own personal experience, be it from my romantic relationships or my general inner world exploration,” reveals Harkness, adding: “‘Sugar Bitch’ was very different in that regard as it was inspired by my observations of what appeared to be a very painful situation that a friend of mine was going through with her ‘lover.’”

Canadian Alt-Rocker Harkness Say “Ciao To The Beauty” with New Single

Fri Jun 24, 2022

With Canadian alt-rocker Harkness saying “Ciao To The Beauty,” their new track — available now — will have you saying “hello” to your new favourites on the scene!

Check out “Cia To The Beauty” on YouTube here:

The solo artist from Toronto, Canada delivers a full-bodied soundscape full of rich instrumentation, yesteryear nods, and forward-motion music of the future. The title track from Harkness’ forthcoming album, “Ciao To The Beauty” dips and ducks around 60s flair while incorporating modern alternative rock and exciting musical experimentation.

“Many years ago, I went on a solo trip to Brazil on holiday,” says Harkness. “The gorgeous environment and the open, joyful character of the people had a profound effect on me — as did the fantastic local music that seemed to always be playing in the open air.