Canadian-Venezuelan Alt-Folk Artist Sunray Minor Releases New Single, “Life of the Party”

Fri Jul 29, 2022

Sometimes there’s nothing like a house party among close friends to crystallize one of your life’s chapters and put everything into sharp, prismatic relief. Montreal-based alt-folk artist Sunray Minor captures all the important characters and warm relational dynamics of his youth in his sunny, shimmering new single, “Life of the Party” – Watch and listen on YouTube here:

With beautiful guitar fingerpicking, smooth crystalline vocals, and an easy-flowing narrative, “Life of the Party” combines a savoring of the here-and-now with a tinge of melancholy, the knowledge that all of this will eventually pass; “and to think everyone of us will die, someday/ I'm just glad we took this night to celebrate our lives, hooray!” goes the sincere, unironic chorus.