Fri Jul 17, 2020

Imagine that you are going on a hike to climb a high mountain like Mont Blanc. You have some cool friends with you and you have a great team that has a good chance to actually reach the top. All people in the team know what to do and how to do it; they are specialists in their own way.

Then suddenly your old Dad calls you up. By mistake, you had posted on Facebook (only old people use Facebook) that you are about to climb this mountain. Of course, old pap really wants to join in on this climb. In the height of his career, he climbed mountains. Mont Blanc was one of them. But that is back in the days and the routes he took are not available any longer. You are taking a totally different route. The equipment that is used is different. On top of that old Dad is walking with a cane and will just start nagging around things he did over thirty years ago.

Now you face a dilemma. Sure, you want to have your father on there, but you also know that he will just be a burden. He can't really supply anything to the team. This mission also must be fast. It's really not a wonderful vacation. It's a mission that you need to get to that point. He walks slowly. The info he has is outdated. Still, you feel a bit like in the song "Cats in the Cradle", you have grown up to be just like him.

The problem is just how you break the ice. How you move forward. Whatever your decision is, it will be the wrong one in his eyes.

Of course, this story has nothing to do with age. It has to do with ability. Sure, with age, there is a lot that changes, and some abilities are no longer there. I started in the music industry noticeably young. Right now, I'm standing with one foot in the new world. The world that will be totally new after the COVID-19 crisis. I also still have one foot in the old world, where many of the people that have been my mentors and my friends will see their enterprises and empires just crumble to ashes.

This would have happened anyway. I know that, but this crisis will be a catalyst that will propel  things much faster. Things that would take years, now will be gone in one year. In a panic, I get these "dads" calling me up and want to join in on my next event. What they don't understand is that this has been planned for many months, even before the crisis. Also, some of them were invited but not interested since they were relying on their empire to just keep doing the same. My project was a bit too small for them. Suddenly, my project is a great threat to them.

The fact is that I can only carry people that will bring something for the team on this mountain trip. It's about surviving, and the music industry is not like the Green Beret where no one is left behind. The music industry is much more a jungle, it's eating or be eaten. We can't carry any dead weight on this journey.

But knowledge doesn't weigh anything. No, it doesn't. But old, and currently incorrect knowledge can lead to the wrong path and is a burden. Sorry to say, but the new network of the music industry was starting to be planned shortly two weeks after shutdown. If you didn't get the invitation or what parts in the secret zoom meetings, that is a good indicator you are not part of the  teams that are now starting to climb

Businesses that were already weak will go under. Businesses without new knowledge and network will also go under.

I think it's time for you my friend, to stop pretending that you are a ‘Superstar’ as the song by  says by Love Inc.

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Editor’s Note: Peter Åstedt has been working in the music industry for over 30 years. He has started record labels, distribution systems, and publishing companies. Peter also runs several major showcase festivals and is an advisor for INES and co-founder of MusicHelp/Discover Sensation. He has worked with the Top Ten most streamed songs and had music on both the Olympics and Super Bowl. Peter has currently taken up the seat of Station Manager of Cashbox Radio, working with MD, PD and station owner, Sandy Graham.