Fri Nov 09, 2018

Since bursting onto the Canadian music scene with his 1994 self-titled album, 6-time Juno Award Nominee and a 3-time recipient of ‘Guitarist of The Year’ at the Maple Blues Awards, David Gogo has racked up a long list of accolades and accomplishments over his illustrious career.

David Gogo has released his 15th (!!!) studio album and because he’s not one to be pigeonholed into a strict blues category, “17 Vultures” may be his most diverse album to date. It was released on October 19 on Cordova Bay Records.

David Gogo has made a name for himself as an incredibly skilled and dynamic performer, effortlessly ripping up the stage as a lead guitarist. However, over the last decade, he has built a solid reputation with his acoustic performances as well. His solo shows not only display his diversity as a guitarist but also as a performer, sharing entertaining stories from the road between his songs.

Usually, he opts to keep these two sides of his abilities separate, but after listening to The White Album by The Beatles, he chose to accentuate both in his new album.

“In the past, I was afraid that if I mixed my acoustic songs with my more rocking material it would confuse people. I don’t think I was giving people enough credit, as I was listening to The White Album by The Beatles recently and thought ‘Well, the diversity shown on this collection didn’t seem to hurt!’”

’17 Vultures’ features five original songs by David Gogo and a selection of cover songs from a diverse cross-section of musicians, including The Beatles, Barbecue Bob, Doug And The Slugs and Bob Dylan, showing off his flexibility as an artist. The original tracks on the album are some of the strongest in Gogo’s career.

It’s backed by a core rhythm section of Pat Steward on drums (Bryan Adams, The Odds, Colin James, Jimmy Barnes) and Ben Dwyer (the son of jazz legend Phil Dwyer) on electric and upright bass. The album’s collection of songs range from traditional blues to heavy contemporary influences.

As a six-time Juno Award Nominee and a three-time recipient of ‘Guitarist of The Year’ at the Maple Blues Awards, David Gogo is highly regarded as an artist in the forefront of Canadian Blues.

Gogo’s accreditations further extend to accolades such as ‘Musician of The Year’ at the West Coast Music Awards, ‘Blues Recording of the Year’ at the Western Canadian Music Awards; and The Great Canadian Blues Award, which was voted by listeners of CBC’s “Saturday Night Blues” to acknowledge his lifetime contribution to Blues in Canada.

17 Vultures David Gogo