Fri Jul 09, 2021

Canada’s rockin’ Rabbi, author, musician, and founder of Kiddush Club Gary Zweig has just the soundtrack for getting families active this summer: the release of his new song, “Exercise”.

Check out “Exercise” on YouTube here:

Channelling everyone from the world’s greatest athletes to the beginner at-home fitness enthusiast, Zweig says he set out to create an exciting song to exercise alongside with.

“It’s fun, it’s funky, and it’s got a bit of rock and roll,” the Toronto-based multi-talented singer/songwriter enthuses. “I’m young at heart, so I wrote this song for kids of all ages — from 1 to 101 years old!”

Heard on Kiddush Club’s third album release, Toys, the nine-track LP joins Kiddush Club’s other releases — their eponymous LP, Kiddush Club, and The Wine Album.

First formed in 1988, Zweig initially started Kiddush Club to create parody songs with a decidedly rock n’ roll twist. Featured across CBC, 740, the Toronto Star, Chatelaine, CITYTV’s Breakfast Television, and more, Zweig most recently penned Toys for his son as a response to a family favourite movie, Toy Story. “I wanted to use themes kids could relate to,” he explains. “The album covers things like sleep, toys, and of course, ‘Exercise.’

“It’s been a hit everywhere we’ve played.”

For Zweig, who started playing the guitar at age 10, that includes Canada, Sweden, Barbados, Mexico, the U.S., and more.

Toys and “Exercise” are available now!

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