Mon Jul 19, 2021

Meta: Music can be one of the most important parts of film and game development, setting the scene and prepping the viewer perfectly. Find out more about how those behind it do so here.

Why Music is a Crucial Part of Film and Game Development

Whether you are sitting down to watch your favourite movies or trying out a game of some sort, there is no denying that music will form an important part of your experience. It is a crucial part of film and game development, and some of our favourite pieces of media would be very different without the right pieces of music.


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Setting the Tone

One of the primary uses of music in film and games is to give context to the situation. There are certain genres of music that fit better with others. This, in turn, will influence the way in which someone reacts to it. Editors and developers work hard to ensure that everything fits together neatly to provide just the right experience.

For example, if you decide to play a fantasy-themed game, you will want to hear music that sounds like it is lifted straight from a fantasy world. Something with a lot of synth and harsh sounds would be better kept for sci-fi or even something urban. We take a lot of cues from music, some without even realising. You get tense as the music does, relax when it becomes more tranquil, and so on. Music really does set the tone of anything that you might wish to watch. Just take a look at how you find yourself reacting to your favourite show next time you decide to watch it.

 Anthems and Associations

Not every piece of music is created directly for the media that they become associated with eventually, but it can be a great way for people to find new favourite songs and artists. Take Don Maclean’s classic American Pie; many might associate it with the film series of the same name but many also think of it as a great anthem of Americana in its own right.

The use of popular music in these films can be used to create the right sort of scene just as much as an original piece by a composer can. If you were to replace some of the music behind certain iconic scenes with other tracks, you would definitely find that it could change the mood of the scene quite significantly. The right piece of music in the right place can even be used to catapult an artist’s career and take them to new heights.

A Key Part of the Experience

We might not have music flowing around us all the time in real life, but it is a key part of film and game production. Not having music can make things feel awkward incredibly quickly, especially if there is no dialogue in the scene.

Conversely, some editors actually use this to relay tension. If you are watching the main character stealth through a complex, trying to avoid enemies, adding in a lack of music will make things far creepier than you could ever imagine. You will jump and focus on the smallest of noises, and it will create a far better atmosphere than anything a soundtrack could create in that precise moment.

The people working in music production for film and game development are incredibly smart, and they know exactly what it takes to make their material the best it can be. It is rare that you will find music so finely tuned for a specific purpose. Try to listen to game soundtracks next time you need to work or study – you might be surprised at how well you focus or the emotions that are stirred up in you. This truly is a fascinating part of music!