Award-Winning Artist Sarantos Is “Looking UP At The World” with the Release of New Single

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Internationally acclaimed award-winning DIY artist Sarantos channels his signature upbeat songwriting style to tell a melancholic story about pushing through life's physical and mental pain with the evocative new single, “Looking UP At The World” – check it out YouTube here:

Sarantos’s latest emotional single, “Looking UP At The World,” conveys the crippling feeling of being helpless as everyone else moves on in life. As Sarantos says, “being on the floor because that’s the only position that doesn’t hurt, and there I feel alone and like the world is passing me by.”

Vancouver Symphonic Metal Rockers OPHELIA FALLING Are “Destroyed in Delight” with New Single

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Canadian symphonic metal rockers Ophelia Falling are “Destroyed in Delight” with the release of their haunting new single and symbolic cinematic video – check it out on YouTube here: 

The title song from the Vancouver-based festival-favourite band’s recent full-length album, the track trades in themes of addiction, broken promises, and domestic disputes and violence, vocalist Chelsea Rose reveals.

“So many have witnessed or experienced the destruction addiction causes,” she continues. “This song is about the pain experienced by those surrounding and who love the afflicted, and written from my personal experience with partners whose alcoholism, drug abuse, and gambling addictions destroyed the relationship.”

Maureen Trainor Guides Us Through an Internal Seascape of Mood & Emotion on Pandemic-Inspired “Adrift”

Fri Jun 17, 2022

The ocean is always an apt metaphor for our internal swells, ebbs, and tides, and that’s likely why it transfixes us so much. Charlottetown, PEI-based alt-folk artist Maureen Trainor found herself particularly taken with the sea during the early days of the pandemic, resulting in her nautical-themed interior soundscape of a single “Adrift” – check it out on YouTube here:

“Adrift” begins with a mellow, acoustic strum and somber introspection as Trainor narrates, “I’ve been staring at the ocean/ While it sets its sights on me/ My heart adrift without direction/ Salt spray rapture on the sea.” The song takes us over rocking waves of mood and emotion, and on a gliding journey of self-reflection.

Martin Schiller Transports Listeners Back in Time with Psychedelic New Post-Jazz-Rock Single, “Future Prints”

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Canadian multi-instrumentalist Martin Schiller takes a musical idea for an internet sketch comedy series and turns it into a psychedelic jam session, transporting listeners to a time of carpeted walls and smoke-filled rooms with the bodacious new single, “Future Prints” – check it out on YouTube:

The song sees Schiller whisk listeners on a sonic journey through space and time as part of his groovy new LP, Dreams vol. 1 (2022). An instrumental post-jazz-rock opus with equal parts Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, and something entirely new, the eight-song album also features cover art designed and created by his wife, artist Amanda Brierty.

Halifax's Lisa Richard’s New Single Has “News You Can Use”

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Talk about Promises Kept… Downhome Canadian country maven Lisa Richard is back with some “News You Can Use” – check it out on YouTube

The East Coast crooner shares a deeply personal, uplifting, and uptempo track that shines a light on homegrown values, staying optimistic, and finding the good in the everyday.

The magic behind Lisa Richard’s heartfelt songwriting is the authenticity that oozes from every note; her vocal prowess delivers on the melody, unearthing what matters most to each of us. Matched with her ability to write a track that is equal parts catchy as it is sincere, “News You Can Use” is another capturing of the moments that matter the most. Richard is spellbinding, and captivating; coercing you to swim in nostalgia, and you appreciate the world at present.

Award-Nominated Canadian Pop Singer Hannah Thomas Sets the Stage for a Free Summer of Songs with Annual Dock Music Concert Series

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Fresh off her 2022 Canadian Folk Music Award nomination for ‘Young Performer of the Year,’ Canadian pop singer Hannah Thomas sets the stage for a summer of songs in Stratford, Ontario with the return of her third annual Dock Music Concert Series — starting this week! Shows run every Sunday at 7:00pm now through July 24th in front of the new Tom Patterson Theatre along the Avon River.

Watch “‘Just Sing’ Dock Mural — Featuring Hannah Thomas & Claire Scott” by Kris Von Kleist via YouTube Here:

Hannah’s smooth and powerful vocals leave audiences captivated, and this season her stunning performances will be complemented by guest performers, themed shows, and duets with her father, Dale Thomas — who was featured on her recently released seasonal album, Christmas Don’t Be Late.

London, ON R&B-Pop Artist Chad Price’s New Single Captures Resilience & Self-Healing

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Canadian R&B pop artist Chad Price draws on the battles with inner demons to manifest his introspective journey of self-healing into an uplifting tale of resilience in a new single, “Broken Open” – check it out on YouTube here:

Recorded with producer Matthew Johnston, “Broken Open” is anthemic with its gospel-tinged choral background vocals, brutally honest and intimate with its heart-breaking and confessional lyrics, and — ultimately — optimistic, unifying, and healing with its message of acknowledgment and collective vulnerability.

Rocker Josh Ritchie Is Looking for “Love at the End of the World”

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Josh Ritchie, the insightful, curious, inquisitive, and mega-talented rock star from rural Ontario, has released his soulful title track, “Love at the End of the World” LIVE from Old Bank Studios – check it out on YouTube here:

“I’m really excited to have a live version of this song out in the world,” Ritchie says of the soul-wrenching think-piece rife with heart-stopping wonderment, stripped down and beautifully performed. “The magic of it really is in the live performance of it. The band and I, we just get lost in the build and the drama of it. I can’t wait to share it with people.”

The sophomore release from Ritchie couldn’t have been better timed; the world is searching for an artist who lays it bare on the lyric sheet, and Ritchie’s no-nonsense approach to communicating the realness of today’s societal climate is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

Seattle-Based Electronic Group The Nylon Admirals Release New Album, Handbags

Fri Jun 10, 2022

Yeah, sure, you’ve heard of EDM, but what about Cinematic Breakbeat and – more importantly – The Nylon Admirals? Growing ever more popular due to their dramatic style of electronic music, The Nylon Admirals are ready to release their new album, Handbags – check out “In A World” on YouTube here:

Consisting of four previously released singles and five completely new tracks, Handbags is the spirit of the Nylon Admirals – infusing emotion into their productions and creating an enveloping experience for their listeners. Alongside its lead single, “In A World,” Handbags is an exciting experience filled with highs and lows seldom explored in the world of digital production. 

Canadian Pop-Rock Virtual Concept Artist Priz Em Soars Through the Galaxy at Love’s “First Kiss”

Fri Jun 10, 2022

On the fringe of the Mega Centarri cluster, in their own galaxy not so far away, war has all but consumed the blue planet Zederth and, after 1,000 years of peace and harmony, virtual diva Priz Em and her lover, musician/scientist Prin Jori Merkanteel, are forced to go to battle — not only with an unseen enemy but also with each other. So goes the tale for Canadian pop-rock virtual concept artist Priz Em and their new single, “First Kiss” – check it out on Spotify here:

It’s a fantastical story of grace, love, perseverance, and grace under pressure; no matter the fiction, the reality of relationships faced with grim circumstances is tied to the human experience and, for Priz Em and Merkanteel (aka Stray Horn), their journey is faced with even further dire consequences as they attempt to hold onto one another while trying to save the world they know and love.

Nova Scotian Jeff Hope Delivers a Country Rock Kiss Off with New Single, “Goodbye Baby”

Fri Jun 10, 2022

While analogies and metaphors can be pretty and poetic and all, sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. And there’s no mistaking that Nova Scotian singer-songwriter Jeff Hope is giving a bad relationship the hook, both literally and musically, with his new single, “Goodbye Baby” – check it out on YouTube here:

The “Goodbye, baby, goodbye” in the chorus is anthemic and instantly relatable as Hope’s expressive tenor kicks into the chorus after a spate of done-me-wrong epithets. We’ve all been there and this super catchy song’s four-on-the-floor rhythm is bound to have everyone involuntarily nodding in agreement.

‘I’d rather be flat broke, stuck in the cold
Then waste my time growing old with you.’


In broader terms, Hope describes “Goodbye Baby” as a “timeless breakup song with a punchy up-tempo feel” and big, harmony vocals.

Rock Guitarist Nikhil Bagga Takes a Leap of Faith with Debut Album

Fri Jun 10, 2022

Before they released the Kraken on the ice, it was teen Nikhil Bagga — the virtuoso guitarist — who stirred the crowd into a rock frenzy with his electric rendition of “Star Spangled Banner.”

Watch the NHL performance here:

In fact, the Seattle Times said the day after: “From the get-go, the Kraken seemed to have a step on their opponents. A rousing electric guitar performance of the national anthem by youngster Nikhil Bagga, 12, had the crowd buzzing beforehand and the electricity seemed to carry over to the home team’s performance.”

Watch Hypnotized here:

And with that, Bagga — now 13 — with his insatiable talent and megawatt grin, has entered the chat.

Charlottetown Rockers the Pearly Gates Say “There’s a Black Hole (Where Your Heart Should Be)”

Fri Jun 10, 2022

Charlottetown rockers The Pearly Gates have burst wide open with love lost on their newest single, “There’s A Black Hole (Where Your Heart Should Be)” – check it out on Spotify here:

The East Coast-based four-piece comprised of Mark Palmer (vocals, guitar), Colin Buchanan (guitar, vocals), Roger Carter (drums), and Chris Francis (bass) sings the score on a familiar fable, uniquely delivered in their unmistakable sonic offering: a modern twist on 60s rock nostalgia. “There’s A Black Hole” juxtaposes an uptempo jangly dance party with melancholic lyrics.

“I liked the idea of writing a song about a bad relationship I had been in with a dark lyrical theme,” explains Palmer, adding “accompanied by a sunny happy chord progression and sing-along cheerful melody.”

Christian Artist Ileen Laura Brings Needed Awareness Scleroderma with “Fight Left In Me”

Fri Jun 10, 2022

The fight for survival when trying to overcome a serious illness is an intensely personal one, but it can be an almost equally intense fight on the part of caregivers and loved ones. Canadian Christian artist Ileen Laura paints a sonic watercolor of this mutual fight for life in her sad and hopeful new single, “Fight Left In Me” – check it out on YouTube here:

The fight for survival when trying to overcome a serious illness is an intensely personal one, but it can be an almost equally intense fight on the part of caregivers and loved ones. Canadian Christian artist Ileen Laura paints a sonic watercolor of this mutual fight for life in her sad and hopeful new single, “Fight Left In Me” — available now.

Calgary Alt-Rockers Flowshine Say “Give It A Go” on their Release of New Single & Album

Fri Jun 10, 2022

You’ll feel like the Goddess in question when you flow through the latest offering from the West Coast of Canada’s alternative rock five-piece, Flowshine! The epic seven-song strong album, You Goddess — available now alongside new single, “Give It A Go” — is a gorgeous love letter, whimsically written and carved in rock.

Landing a near-exact ten years since Flowshine debuted with their first album, Mountain Queen, You Goddess is their fourth offering. And though the group took a pause on concocting a full-length, their tenacity to consistently deliver on good music, great vibes, and powerful stage performance saw Flowshine spend their time on the road alongside heavy-hitters, Chilliwack, Five Alarm Funk, and The Wooden Sky. Their love of touring even saw them with two stops to the Yukon — a testament to their commitment to taking the music to the fans.

Encapsulating Every Emotion & Beyond, Pop-EDM Artist Frida Maria Creates “Moments” with New Single

Fri Jun 10, 2022

When Frida Maria was ready to encapsulate all the emotions running through her at once, she would soon discover that she had created some “Moments” in the form of a new single – watch and listen on YouTube here:

“The meaning of the letters are yin and yang because it's pretty dark writing — but in another way it’s happy and the song/beat/melody itself gives you a happy feeling,” Frida shares of the song with Charlie Atom. “It’s a play of emotions we face daily; everyone experiences ‘moments’ in their own unique way, so the writing is pretty universal when you think about it because it can apply differently to whoever is interpreting the song in their own precise ‘moments’.”

Blues-Rocker Chris Antonik Explores the Hurt of Being Shut Out in Roaring “Waves of Stone”

Fri Jun 10, 2022

Lack of communication between two people can sometimes be construed as stonewalling and being shut out hurts — bad. Multi-award-nominated Canadian blues-rock artist Chris Antonik gives voice and guitar wail to that searing pain in his new single, “Waves of Stone” – check it out on YouTube here:

Arriving ahead of his forthcoming album, Morningstar, “Waves of Stone” features incendiary guitar interplay between Antonik and special guest three-time Blues Music Award nominee Jarekus Singleton, along with a pounding groove, soaring gospel backup vocals, and grand piano pumped through a roaring Leslie speaker.

The song tells the story of pain and loss, but also a new future forged through facing one’s grief. In the narrative, we hear about a partner named Rosie whose silence is deafening; when she finally speaks, it’s like an avalanche.

‘You built up such a sneak attack,’ Antonik sings.

Winnipeg's Pop/R&B Artist Stanley Battles With Ego Vs Love In New Single, “Twisted”

Fri Jun 03, 2022

The tale of ego versus love is one as old as time itself. For some of us, we lose that battle and nowhere is that concept captured more perfectly than in pop-R&B artist Stanley’s new single, “Twisted” – check it out on YouTube here:

As Stanley’s newest release, “Twisted” arrives fresh from the Winnipeg-based artist’s latest album, Resurrection; the LP aims to be a retelling of loss throughout the pandemic, with “Twisted” a pivotal chapter in that story.

Fantastically produced, “Twisted” is reminiscent of Weeknd’s summer releases, bringing forth images of summer flings ending too soon, and the high energy behind this mix paired with Stanley’s R&B style vocals really sells this track. It’s this façade of feel-good loving that acts as the cherry on top.

Windsor, ON-Born, NYC-Based Leah Harris’ New Single “Shine” Climbing the Charts

Fri Jun 03, 2022

Leah Harris has been shining since childhood, and the summation of her career to this point glows on her latest chart-topping offering, “Shine” – check it out on YouTube here:

The Canadian-born singer/songwriter is a globetrotter with music in her soul. An encouraging childhood would incite her passion for music, having learned piano from her mother at age four and the fundamentals of songwriting from her father at age nine. Harris’ formative years in the Detroit music community would see her take to the influence of Blues and Motown, and soon the budding starlet had begun gigging professionally.

Summerside, PEI's Alt-Rocker Soul Filter Say “The City Knows” with New Single

Fri Jun 03, 2022

Award-nominated Canadian alt-rock outfit Soul Filter unveil their new song exploring the unforgiving nature of big cities, all from the perspective of a small-town girl, with this, their fiery new single, “The City Knows” – check it out on YouTube here:

Produced by John Angus MacDonald of The Trews and dripping with ‘90s nostalgia, “The City Knows” is a page torn from a diarist’s letter to the era of cassette walkmans and no smartphones. Lending itself to be more of a dark fairy tale, the song reflects the artists that have heavily inspired Soul Filter — in this track’s case, think the introspective, confessional vibe or Fleetwood Mac coupled with the ethereal, high-energy flair of Florence & The Machine.