Katie Ditschun Releases Ethereal New Single, “The Moon”

Fri Jan 08, 2021

Artfully ominous and delicately foreboding, Alexandria, ON’s contemporary jazz-pop artist Katie Ditschun steps surely into winter’s evening glow with the release of “The Moon” — her moody, ethereal new single and video available now.

Watch and experience “The Moon” here:

“This song came to me in a sudden rush,” the multi-talented Canadian singer/songwriter recalls. “I sat at the piano and was astonished at how quickly it flowed out of me. It was like it had been poured into me.”

The third single to shine from the Alexandria, Ontario-based artist’s debut album, Spare Skirt, “The Moon” is a song about secrets, and reflects the anxieties of these inauspicious times. There are three characters in the lyric: “I,” “you,” and “the moon” — the narrator, someone who keeps secrets, and someone who knows everybody’s secrets, respectively.

Contemporary Jazz Singer Katie Ditschun Sends Peace & Warmth with “Be Still”

Fri Dec 04, 2020

Contemporary jazz pop singer/songwriter Katie Ditschun offers a moment of calm and cause for pause this holiday season with the release of her new single, “Be Still”.

“For me, this is a winter song to sing during Christmastime,” Ditschun says, “but the lyrics don’t mention a specific holiday, so it’s really for anyone who enjoys the warm glow of light on a winter’s night.

“My hope is that people will listen to it, maybe all cozied up by the fire, and feel the calm and peacefulness I wanted to bring them. I consider ‘Be Still’ to be a kind of ‘Silent Night.’

To watch and enjoy “Be Still” here:

“In January of 2020, I found myself inspired to write this song,” she reflects. “Christmas 2019 had been a quiet, peaceful holiday for me, so the lyrics are simply about taking the time during the holiday season to slow down and fully appreciate the beauty, joy, and peace that we can see, feel, and share.

Alexandria, ON’s Contemporary Jazz Pop Singer/Songwriter Katie Ditschun Says “That Is That.”

Fri Jun 26, 2020

Canadian contemporary jazz pop singer/songwriter Katie Ditschun lovingly affirms “That Is That.” when it comes to life, love and people’s need for each other in this, her new single — available now.

“One morning, in the shower, I was singing songs from one of my favourite musicals and felt overcome by the powerful fact that everyone needs other people in their lives,” Ditschun recalls. “The power of love and human connection is unparalleled.

“People need people. That is that. People need people. That’s a fact,” she continues, citing the song’s basis. “The juxtaposition in ‘That Is That.’ — with a firm period — is in the fact that it’s a simple song with simple words and statements, but it’s also a very complex and complete message.

Watch and listen to ‘That Is That.’ Here:

“It's whimsy with depth.”

Katie Ditschun Performs Stunning Live Rendition of “HER”

Fri May 01, 2020

Alexandra, ON jazz pop artist Katie Ditschun cozied up with her piano this week to perform a stunning live rendition of “HER” and the results were brilliant.

Watch and listen to “HER” (Official Video) here:

The video comes amidst the Ontario-based artist’s current album release and complimentary live virtual music lessons.

For those looking to optimize a rise in screen time by developing their sonic skill sets, the lessons are every Friday at 11:00 a.m. EST on Ditschun’s Facebook page; they are geared towards beginners and focus solely on singing — no instruments are required.

Katie Ditschun Releases “Here We Are” From Debut Album ‘Spare Skirt’

Fri Feb 28, 2020

Canadian jazz-pop artist Katie Ditschun marks a new spot on the music map with the release of “Here We Are” — the latest single off her debut album, Spare Skirt, available now! 

Recorded in Ottawa, and featuring some of Eastern Ontario’s best jazz musicians, the track and album feature Ditschun on vocals, piano, and ukulele — a nod to the singer/songwriter’s self-described style of quirky piano pop meets serious jazz notes and thematic, explorative story-based lyricism. 

“My songs are about relationships — of love, and of those often confused for love,” she explains of the album’s overall notion. “I’m particularly interested in situations where people lack self-knowledge or gain greater awareness about oneself or one’s place in the world.

“‘Here We Are’ speaks to the feeling that there’s some distance between what your life is and how you thought it would turn out, who you thought you’d become, or where you thought you’d be.” 

Watch Katie Ditschun - Here We Are (Official Music Video)
here: https://youtu.be/rUDYNTcQH5E