Arsenal Mills Deliver Sophomore Single Dripping with 80s Nostalgia & Driving Energy

Fri Dec 25, 2020

East Coast breakthrough band Arsenal Mills continue their quest to reimagine rock n’ roll as they deliver their sophomore single, “The Bleeding Heart”.

That we have it in our hands is a feat, though; the energy-laden 80s-inspired tale surrounding matters of the heart almost didn’t come to be from the PEI-based band.

“‘The Bleeding Heart’ was never meant to be an Arsenal Mills song, strangely enough,” lead vocalist and guitarist Brad Milligan muses. “It began as a song I had written for someone special in my life, so I was planning on keeping it for myself.

Watch the lyric video for The Bleeding Heart here:

“But it was a little too raw,” he continues. ““I’m not usually one to write ‘love songs,’ but ‘The Bleeding Heart’ isn’t your average love song. After showing it to the band, we collectively realized it was worth working on and perfecting.”

The single is the second of a few set to land ahead of the emerging East Coast band’s forthcoming debut EP, Lovesick & Broke; it follows this summer’s earlier single offering of the same name.

Arsenal Mills Break Onto the Scene with Debut Single, “Lovesick & Broke”

Fri Sep 04, 2020

Rock/blues band Arsenal Mills — featuring Brad Milligan, Griffen Arsenault, Josh MacNeil, and André Uyterlinde — have arrived on the Canadian scene with the release of their groove-laden debut single, “Lovesick & Broke” — available now.

“This song is a true story about a close friend of mine,” Milligan shares of the song’s origins. “He ended up losing someone special to him, which then caused a downward spiral of depression and drinking.

“We approached this song with the idea of making it as relatable as possible — the most important aspect of any song in any genre — but ’Lovesick & Broke’ was written with the hopes it would be sort of therapeutic for him.”

Watch and listen to ’Lovesick & Broke’ here:

“If you keep telling yourself you’ll be okay, you will… Right?” Arsenault adds.