same as me Captures Sugar-Sweet Simplicity with “Just Right”

Fri Oct 01, 2021

Just like candy or cake, that feeling of everything being ‘just right’ when you’re with that special someone is simple and sweet, and Toronto-based rapper and singer-songwriter same as me celebrates that pure and uncomplicated joy with her aptly-titled new single “Just Right” — available now.

An easy-flow pop jam replete with beats, snaps, gorgeous vocal harmonies, and a little bit of rap, “Just Right” turns the female gaze on someone spotted on the street.

I was walking down the street
And I was like ooh child
You the one I really gotta meet
Cuz my eyes can’t get enough
Of what I’m seeing
Looking like a sweet treat
Bubble gum candy

But instead of turning into a leering catcall, the song turns sincere and sweet: “But I won’t chew you up and spit you out/I’ll blow bubbles and you pop them out.” It’s an uplifting song, for a time when the world needs a break from the pain.

Check out ‘same as me’ on YouTube:

“Stand Up” and Cheer for Pop-Infused Hip Hop Artist & Producer same as me & New Single

Fri Jun 18, 2021

What the world needs now is love. And same as me. And the reigning queen of pop-infused hip hop’s new single, “Stand Up”.

Check out “Stand Up” on YouTube here:

In a love letter to a broken world, and in an effort to reunite us all, the Edmonton-born, Toronto-based singer/songwrtier, producer and rapper same as me is her own mighty mecca of music.

From the production, to the vox, to the rap, to the visuals, the artist takes creative command from every lyric she pens, every note in her insanely wide range, to every treatment of her videos. Unsurprisingly, the indie songstress from Hollywood North is getting picked up for what she’s putting down. And it’s a whole lotta – you got it – love.