Alt Rockers The High Loves Put a Breakup Behind Them With New Single, “Sometime”

Fri Sep 03, 2021

Sometimes just knowing an experience is in your rearview is enough to roll down the windows, turn up the tunes, and cruise along with zero cares... And with its laid-back tempo and smooth vocal harmonies, Canadian rock five-piece The High Loves and their new single “Sometime”  captures that very freedom of knowing a relationship is over and, hey, you did all you could.

Check out “Sometime”  on Spotify here:

Appearing on the alt-rockers’ forthcoming EP, Too Much Of A Good Thing, out this Fall, “Sometime” was one of those songs whose inspiration came out of nowhere. “I was just practicing my guitar one day when the song in its entirety just popped into my head,” guitarist Noah Mockton says. The lyrics were imagined as a goodbye letter to an ex. “It's about being okay with change,” he adds, “and letting someone you love go.”

Alt. Rockers The High Loves Say Hey, “Call Me Back” Single Lands Ahead of New Album

Fri Jul 16, 2021

Hear that? It’s The High Loves calling you. You should probably answer.

Alt-rock five-piece The High Loves lend credence to the connotation that Toronto is the creative capital of Canada with this, their new single “Call Me Back”- check it out on YouTube here:

Freshly pressed from their forthcoming album, Too Much Of A Good Thing, this electric groove-laden rockin’ offering is one of the “catchiest songs” lead guitarist and vocalist Noah Monckton has ever written, he says.

“When I first wrote the hook, I wasn’t able to get it out of my head for weeks,” he adds. “For better, or for worse.”