Pop-Soul Artist Natalie Nicole Gilbert Passionately Reimagines Adele’s “Easy on Me”

Fri May 06, 2022

In a riveting reassessment of Adele’s record-breaking single, Natalie Nicole Gilbert transforms her rendition of “Easy on Me” into a desperate plea for vulnerability between two aching lovers in the heat of an argument – check it out on YouTube here:

The multi-award-winning pop-soul artist’s soaring vocals are countered by Chris Sloan in a harmonious amalgamation that is poignant, to say the least. With each building to the emotional swell that synthesizes into a moment of clarity for our protagonists, Gilbert’s prowess is put on a pedestal as she delivers a captivating performance once again.

“I really wanted it to feel more conversational,” Gilbert shares. “I saw room for it to take a turn like The Civil Wars’ ‘Poison & Wine’ – where this argument doesn’t have to end in finality, but could maybe open a door of vulnerability and understanding, whatever the eventual outcome.”

Natalie Nicole Gilbert Reimagines 90s Hit “Snow on the Sahara”

Fri Feb 18, 2022

Los Angeles-based producer, vocalist, and songwriter Natalie Nicole Gilbert puts a magnetically modern spin on Anggun’s 90s classic hit “Snow on the Sahara” with the release of her new single

The song lands on the heels of her recently released full-length album, Recovery 2021 — a 12-track full-throated tome to the winding experience of healing.

Check out “Snow on the Sahara” on YouTube here:

Produced in collaboration with GRAMMY Award- and Latin GRAMMY Award-nominee Robert Eibach, the two started reimagining “Snow on the Sahara” with speeding it up by six beats per minute. “It’s wild how that small pace change shifts the feel of the song, despite us keeping the key, and a lot of other main elements intact,” Gilbert shares. “Harmonies were a big part of what always stood out to me when I first fell in love with this song, so we made sure to really keep those front and center in this version, as well.”

Pop-Soul Artist Natalie Nicole Gilbert Releases Inspiring Video & Single, “Victory”

Fri Dec 24, 2021

Any triumph worth trying for is often hard-won, and pop-soul artist Natalie Nicole Gilbert gives backstory to any achievement’s highlight reel in her inspiring new song and video, “Victory (Music Video Mix)”  - check It out here:

A fresh cut from her Fall, 2021 album, Recovery, and the release’s version, “Victory Is Never Free,” spare, elegant piano is punctuated by warm, sonorous strings across the song; with crystalline vocals, heartening lyrics tell the tale of reaching a long-term goal with rigorous candor.

Everything I did to get me here
To sing this song loud and clear
For my laughter I had to cry
I had to fall so I could fly