Canadian Singer/Songwriter jsin Says “I Choose Love” in Uplifting New Single

Fri Apr 15, 2022

Alongside its gripping and story-rich new music video, Canadian singer/songwriter jsin tells an uplifting story of positivity and self-acceptance with an uptempo edge on his latest single, “I Choose Love” – check it out on YouTube here:

Groovy from the get-go, “I Choose Love” is the rocking new release from the Toronto-based artist’s eclectic new album, Surrender (2022). The close-out track to the six-song EP, it draws on the pop-rocker’s emotional complexity and compositional strength to construct an anthemic sound embedded with deeply personal ideas.

Reflecting on his own experiences, jsin conveys his unique perspective through his silky-smooth vocal stylings and a multi-rhythmic approach to instrumentation that fills the ears with delight; rich melodies and a catchy hook are the vehicle for his ideas of self-reflection and the journey toward self-forgiveness.

Power-Rock Artist jsin Unleashes High-Voltage New Single, “You Can’t Stop Me”

Fri Feb 04, 2022

Landing alongside his raucous new release, Surrender, Canadian powerhouse rocker jsin unleashes his inner-dialogue meets high-voltage sound with new single, “You Can’t Stop Me” – check it out here:

Coming from a place of self-reflection, and accepting life at face-value after years of ponderance and questioning, the song reveals a journey jsin hopes will inspire his listeners to participate in as well.

“We all have insecurities,” he shares. “We all have struggles. We all question things. But we can't let those things drive what we do. The things that hold us back. This song speaks to the process of surrendering to what is, instead of trying to control things. Every song is me expressing that I have to let myself be, let myself exist — not just let my thought processes or my ego drive my actions.”