Cuban-Toronto’s UMBE B Delivers Cut-Throat Lyricism In Hard Hitting “Champions”

Fri Aug 12, 2022

Delivered with an enticingly toxic swagger that lures even the most stringent, Umbe B’s newest single "Champions" is a cut-throat declaration of success and breakthroughs – watch it on YouTube here:

"Champions" is a hard-hitting Latin/trap banger that pays homage to Umbe B’s Cuban heritage and musical passions. Inspired by the city of Toronto and its iconic sports teams, Umbe B aims to put his name on the list of teams who have fought for a championship – and ultimately made it.

Umbe B reflects on the voracity of his newest single; "I’m setting the stage for my own victory: to become the next champion - the King of Latin Music in Canada."

Eclectic Jazz Duo The AltoRays Throwback to the Groovy Future with New Single “The Hop”

Fri Aug 12, 2022

Austin-based Guitarist, Composer & Producer Mitch Watkins & Vocalist Dianne Donovan Unite to Create a Space-Funky ‘ChillJazz’ Bop from Debut Album, Back to the Light

In the vast ocean of sound, the artists that rise to the top usually ride a wave of their own unique voice and innovation. Enter eclectic jazz duo The AltoRays, who continue to carve their own exciting improvisational path with the third groovy single from their debut album Back to the Light“The Hop” – check it out on YouTube here:

With a super funky, percolating bass line, driving, snappy percussion, tasty horn and keyboard hits and improv vocal scats, “The Hop” is a total groove mood and a time trip that zooms back to the swingin’ ‘60s and forward to the future at the same time.

Stricken With Cancer And THIS Close To Dying, Guelph's Steve Neville Is Brought Back To Life And Releases "Don't Say A Word"

Fri Aug 12, 2022

With the past, present, and future in full view, out of Guelph, Ontario—the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, First Nation of the Anishinabeek Peoples—comes Métis singer/songwriter Steve Neville with his most vulnerable performance yet on a song about the silent company we sometimes need on the melancholy new single “Please Don’t Say A Word” -

As if the Covid pandemic wasn’t enough, Steve Neville suddenly became incredibly sick and was subsequently diagnosed with leukemia in February 2021. Neville’s emotional tale on “Please Don’t Say A Word” comes from the solemn new album “Off Track,” a record that poignantly documents his life-threatening illness and leads audiences through his perilous journey to recovery.

Pop Songstress Sam Casey Wrestles With the Hurt of a One-Sided Fling on Single “New Company”

Fri Aug 12, 2022

Drunk dialing your ex — or, worse, that person with whom you were just in a situationship — is never ever a good idea. And while Canadian pop songstress Sam Casey knows that, first she’s going to wrestle with it for a while (like we all do) in her soulful and starkly honest new single, “New Company”  - check it out on YouTube here:

Slow, smooth, sassy, soul ballad-y, and fresh from her forthcoming New Company EP, the song eventually comes to the foregone conclusion that the embattled narrator needs to find a new man. But just for tonight, she sits with her phone in her lap and fights with herself and an absent paramour –
Well, the clock strikes one
And I’m pissed drunk
I want to call, but I know I’ll fall
Back into your arms
Where I feel most calm
But you’ll mess it up like you’ve always done

Alt-Pop Artist Lisa Humber Urges Critical Thinking & Human Connection on New Single, “Shades of Grey”

Fri Aug 12, 2022

One of the most frustrating elements of the pandemic has been the lack of clear information and the inability of everyone to collectively get on the same page. Canadian alt-pop songstress Lisa Humber addresses these frustrations in her piano-driven ballad “Shades of Grey” – check it out on YouTube here:

Featuring bold piano and moody, dramatic strings, “Shades of Grey” can be taken as both a challenge to think critically as well as a song about the tumultuous end of a relationship. The lyrics are passionate, and also open to interpretation. “I’m so sick of talking/ And you taking offense/ As you pontificate/ While sitting on the fence,” Humber sings.

Acclaimed Guitarist, Songwriter & Producer Jeff Gunn Releases “Angelicus”

Fri Aug 12, 2022

Master guitarist and singer/songwriter Jeff Gunn dazzles with his signature guitar wizardry on an instrumental track that exudes a mystical sonic energy with his latest single, “Angelicus,” – watch it on YouTube here:

Gunn’s innovative new single “Angelicus” can be found on the rhythmically rich record “Momentum,” a collection of eclectic guitar-driven tracks by a master of his craft. Gunn utilizes a unique guitar technique known as percussive harp harmonics on the entirety of “Angelicus” to produce musical texture audiences can sink their teeth into.

Ottawa's Edison Rupert Does It All Himself In The Face Of Hard Times With "vultures"

Fri Aug 12, 2022

One-person indie rock outfit Edison Rupert dazzles with an ethereal track about resilience in the face of hard times that is sure to make a cerebral connection with audiences on the contemplatively catchy new single “Vultures” – check it out on YouTube here:

Based out of Ottawa, Ontario, the 2022 Capital Music Award-winner for Newcomer Of The Year, emerging artist Edison Rupert delivers an indie rock tune that evokes the imagery of mental stagnation in life and how a dreadful stillness can resemble death and the subsequent pecking of vultures.

Multi-layered guitars, a swinging baseline, and uptempo percussion set the stage for a track that’s more than the sum of its parts. “Vultures is a song about staying strong in hard times,” says Edison Rupert.

Apricity Releases Cover Of Scorpions “Wind Of Change” With Ex-Canadian Tenor Joey Niceforo

Fri Aug 12, 2022

The Scotland-born, Puslinch, ON-based songstress and entertainer, Apricity, is captivating audiences once again with her cover of the Scorpions 1990 classic, “Wind Of Change” – check it out on YouTube here:

Teaming with former Canadian Tenor, Joey Niceforo, Apricity breathes new life into “Wind Of Change”, while remaining pure to its original structure transforming it into a lush and beautiful duet.

In true Apricity fashion, the song is accompanied by a stunning music video - shot in sepia, and captivating from the opening of an ominous phone call. Apricity and Niceforo are thrust into a new mission - complete with action, drama, and suspense.

Pop Singer/Songwriter Aggie Express The Importance Of Self Love In Her Newest Single, “Happy”

Fri Aug 12, 2022

Through times of struggle, we are often looking for a light at the end of a tunnel. However, up-and-coming pop artist Aggie is here to remind us that life is what we make of it, and that happiness is almost always obtainable, in her newest single, “Happy” – check it out on YouTube here:

There’s nothing sweeter than a ukulele feel-good song, and Aggie doubles down on this vibe as she reflects on what happiness really means. “Happy” uses a simple yet alluring ukulele rhythm as its foundation, layering muted trumpet and walking bass lines into this sonic serotonin capsule – daily recommended dose at least once a day after meals.

White Rock, BC's Alt.Rockers Trio TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING Release "Just For The Night" Single

Fri Aug 05, 2022

The latest single from Too Much Of Anything is perfect - even “Just For The Night” – watch it on YouTube here:

The alternative-rock trio from White Rock, BC deliver an indie rock anthem, chock full of rushing percussion, and lead by an electric hook that resembles a 60s surfer wave, stamped with a modern flare.

Drawing on their inspirations from Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, and Green Day, Too Much Of Anything executes a post-90s punk with rock and roll charm, dynamic energy and captivating lyrics. Built of Keenan Strand (vocals, guitar, writing), Stefan Sattran-McCuaig (bass guitar, writing), and Liam Wilson (drums), the band is set to drop their full-length, “Just For The Night” produced by Eric Mosher (The Warehouse Studio).

Psychedelic Folk Artist THUNDERCLAP! Immortalizes Local Legend Hugh MacDonald with Eclectic “Be Resurrected Tonight”

Fri Aug 05, 2022

The unquestionable strangeness of modern times is brilliantly captured by Niagara Falls-based psychedelic folk artist THUNDERCLAP! with an eclectic new single about one of the region’s most captivating residents, “Be Resurrected Tonight” – watch it on YouTube here:

A harmonic delight for audiences, the track tells the tale of an avant-garde individual named Hugh MacDonald from the Niagara region; MacDonald was known by many locals to be a relentless artist of several media with a kind soul and THUNDERCLAP! decided to immortalize him, and all of the mystique around his life and death, with a song that does justice to his legacy.

Listen on Spotify here:

Alt-Rapper Shades Lawrence Delivers Hard-Hitting Lyricism & Expert Flow In Newest Single, “Other Side”

Fri Aug 05, 2022

Sometimes we feel closer than ever, and sometimes we feel worlds apart – despite our physical distances and emotional blockades. Shades Lawrence does what she does best as she delivers a lyrical journey through the deepest rivers and over the highest mountains in her newest single, “Other Side” – check it out on YouTube here:

Shades Lawrence is an artist who prides herself on her heart-wrenching lyrics and sharp delivery. Her newest single “Other Side” is a perfect example of this attention to detail; despite its refined and polished sonic appearance, the song was recorded rather quickly, but the emotion behind the production is clear and hits hard.

Listen on Spotify here:

Canadian Rocker Harkness Is Out With His Sultry And Sweet Alternative Anthem, “Sugar Bitch”

Fri Aug 05, 2022

Harkness’ agility to write a beautiful song, while simultaneously casting a net of sobering lyrics sets the artist apart in his fantastical foray of songwriting. In “Sugar Bitch”, he juxtaposes a track slung together of gorgeous melodies while regaling the tale of struggling with love.  Check it out on YouTube here:

“Usually when I write a song it comes straight from my own personal experience, be it from my romantic relationships or my general inner world exploration,” reveals Harkness, adding: “‘Sugar Bitch’ was very different in that regard as it was inspired by my observations of what appeared to be a very painful situation that a friend of mine was going through with her ‘lover.’”

Toronto Electro-Pop Powerhouse MAUVE Considers “Where It All Began” with New Single & Video

Fri Aug 05, 2022

Canadian alt-electro-pop darling Mauve considers “Where It All Began” with the release of her electrifying new single and music video – watch it on YouTube here:

A reflective think-piece that merges her experiences with her gratitude, all set to an electro-pop beat, the song serves as the lead single from her debut album, Dream State, on which she partnered with #1-charting industry powerhouses; production credits include Kyle Shearer (Carly Rae Jepsen, Melanie Martinez, Becky G), Jason Couse (JUNO & Polaris Prize-nominated musician from The Darcys), LYRE (top Billboard charting female duo), and more.

“I’m much more grateful now that I know,” she coos on the lyrics.

Australia's Strawberry Swing Debuts Nostalgic Fueled “Bennie (Won’t Dance)” Featuring meadowhip

Fri Jul 29, 2022

In a production that feels like a time capsule, Strawberry Swing brings everything great about 80’s pop rock and fuses it effortlessly into a modern production that feels timeless in their newest single, “Bennie (Won’t Dance)”

Like something right off a Billy Joel album, “Bennie (Won’t Dance)” features smashing piano stabs accompanied by a groovy drum set — all leading the listener onto the dance floor.

Absolutely infectious and masterfully executed, it ultimately boils down to an inviting call to action to enjoy yourself and dance it out. Encapsulating Strawberry Swing’s dedication to their production value are energetic piano licks and drum kits, each serving as the diesel fuel driving this high-octane production to its penultimate chapter: a super sick guitar solo.

It’s Time to “Yell!” with Breakthrough Electronic Trip-Hop Artist Modern Andy’s New Single

Fri Jul 29, 2022

Enthralling and mysterious, it’s time to “Yell!” with breakthrough electronic trip-hop artist Modern Andy’s new single – check out YouTube:

“Yell!” is an interesting specimen to try and take apart, which really adds to the replayability of the St. Louis-based artist’s newest single. Instantly, Andy’s unique sound becomes very apparent, and you are introduced to his distinguishing production style.

The brainchild of a collaboration between Lowlegs, a Portland band, and Modern Andy, the group had an idea they felt fit into Andy’s style and brought a distinct twist to the overall soundscape. With oceans between them, the musicians got to work, crafting an innovative and satirical take on pop music.

Toronto-Based Folk Rockers Village Manor Explore a Parent’s Hard Work in New Single “Just Smile”

Fri Jul 29, 2022

Life can be incredibly difficult just in terms of trying to survive, and children often aren’t blind to their parents’ struggles. In their hopeful-melancholy new single “Just Smile” Toronto folk-rockers Village Manor explore the routine of the daily grind from both the parents’ and a child’s perspective, and sometimes simultaneously.

With beautiful guitar fingerpicking, piano, and frayed-edges vocals soaked in experience, “Just Smile” is a beautiful, cascading ballad that gives voice to a sleep-deprived, working-class existence. “Well it’s four in the morning, waking up for us/ The stars are still shining as you run to catch the bus/ You’re young but getting older with hard times/ One more dream will make your whole life shine.”

Check out “Just Smile” on YouTube here:

The Happy Campers (feat Super Producer CHRIS BIRKETT) Release “Icky Cottage Blues” About Those Horrible Summer Getaways

Fri Jul 29, 2022

Who hasn’t embarked on an outdoor adventure only to learn that the accommodations are a little bit … Icky? Appropriately (and maybe ironically) named Toronto duo The Happy Campers serve up a roaring rock-blues amalgam capturing all the nastiness of a lake cottage gone wrong in their new single, “Icky Cottage Blues” -

Pounding drumbeats, wailing guitars, and a wild, careening rhythm are the backdrop to a tale that starts out, “I knew things were bad/ When I unzipped my bag/ And a spider crawled right inside.” Mice, bats, and rats also have their cameos, as well as a mysteriously sticky carpet and a shower so scuzzy it’s better to bathe in the lake.

Sound familiar? Then you’ll understand the comical lyrics and vibe of this latest single by this husband-and-wife team made up of music veteran Chris Birkett and JUNO Award-nominated video director Joan Prowse.

Canadian-Venezuelan Alt-Folk Artist Sunray Minor Releases New Single, “Life of the Party”

Fri Jul 29, 2022

Sometimes there’s nothing like a house party among close friends to crystallize one of your life’s chapters and put everything into sharp, prismatic relief. Montreal-based alt-folk artist Sunray Minor captures all the important characters and warm relational dynamics of his youth in his sunny, shimmering new single, “Life of the Party” – Watch and listen on YouTube here:

With beautiful guitar fingerpicking, smooth crystalline vocals, and an easy-flowing narrative, “Life of the Party” combines a savoring of the here-and-now with a tinge of melancholy, the knowledge that all of this will eventually pass; “and to think everyone of us will die, someday/ I'm just glad we took this night to celebrate our lives, hooray!” goes the sincere, unironic chorus.

Canadian Metal Rockers POLARITY Set Out on “Destruction Of Memory” with Release of New Single

Fri Jul 29, 2022

Canadian metal band POLARITY puts on a technical sonic showcase filled with wailing guitars and complex drum patterns while conveying observations in a world where history continues to be determined by exploitative forces. A combination of grit and raw musical expertise set the stage for POLARITY’s blistering new single, “Destruction Of Memory”:

POLARITY comes out swinging with a sophisticated song that attracts audiences who appreciate musical craftsmanship and cerebral ideas. The first of three red-hot releases scheduled for this summer, “Destruction Of Memory,” is an electrifying recording borne out of artistic exploration.

“We’ve never done anything conventionally, so recording these new songs live off the floor is something that really allows us to invite our listeners into songs created completely organically and authentically,” says vocalist Jasmine Virginia.