Paul Kuzbik Gets Introspective & Reflective In Emotional New Single & Video, “Diamonds”

Fri Apr 02, 2021

It’s been a year since folk singer/songwriter Paul Kuzbik released his breakthrough debut, Still Love, and now... He’s back with a taste of his next one with the release of his single and video, “Diamonds”.

Soft, warm, and emotional, “Diamonds” is an acoustic track that serves as the last song and lead single from the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based musician’s forthcoming sophomore record, The Miracle of Being — coming this September 2021.

Check out “Diamonds” on YouTube here:

The nostalgic-feeling and introspective folk number was written solely by Kuzbik, and features Erik Sample on drums, Nevin Buehler on bass, and Steph Cameron on backup vocals. As the head honcho, Kuzbik not only lays down all vocal and guitar work on the release, but he produced it too.

Kele Fleming Calls Out Society’s Addiction to Tech with Thought-Provoking “Compassion Machine”

Fri Apr 02, 2021

Is the world getting to you? Are you longing for more connection? Do you relate more to social media vs social interface? If the answer was “yes,” grab your preferred device, cut through the chaos, and tune into Canadian singer/songwriter Kele Fleming’s new single, “Compassion Machine”

Spanning a runtime of four-minutes-ten-seconds, “Compassion Machine” is an exposing commentary on our technological dependency, and its role as a mechanism of coping with reality.

Check out “Compassion Machine” on YouTube here:

The allaying melody of the single's instrumentation is an entendre to Kele (pronounced “Kelly”) Fleming’s subversive lyrics; her vocals are both congenial and alluring while, at the same time, furthering the single’s cautionary parable in a cleverly ironic way.

These sentiments resonate with truth in the lyrics, “I bow to a new god, all shiny, bright, and oh so sleek.”

It’s a Series of Songs from Isolation for Penticton, BC Singer/Songwriter Howard Lee Naylor

Fri Apr 02, 2021

A few months following the release of his sophomore solo album, Canadian classic rocker Howard Lee Naylor has released his premiere music video, for this, his latest single: the romantic, upbeat and undeniably charming love ballad, “Sweet Jeanine”.

It’s clear as a cloudless summer day that “Sweet Jeanine” is a love song written about someone close and dear to Naylor’s heart. You can hear it in his voice; there’s this happy aura about his vocal phrasing and piano playing which, without fail, instills joy in the listener.

Check out “Sweet Jeanine”on YouTube here:

Tracy Coletto is “Diving In” with Atmospheric New Dream-Pop Single

Fri Apr 02, 2021

Philadelphia, PA singer/songwriter Tracy Colletto is “Diving In” with an atmospheric new dream-pop single.

The powerful, piano-led ballad spans three minutes and 35 seconds and includes a versatile range of sonic influences, which make it uniquely its own... From pop, to folk, to ambient, Colletto manages to keep the listener on their toes — and with ease.

With the aid of diverse influences, “Diving In” is driven by the calming aura of Colletto’s emotional vocal tracks and triumphant lyrics, which expand upon the renowned musician’s journey back onto the music scene in 2016 after a decade away from it; this single in particular arrives more than a year following the release of the Philadelphia-based artist’s most recent original, “Pretty Lights.”

Check out “Diving In” on YouTube here:

Saturniids Pluck at Your Heartstrings with 90s-Era New Single, “Springtime”

Fri Apr 02, 2021

What is here today can be gone tomorrow: alt-rock quintet Saturniids beautifully capture the poetic pain of mortality with this, their new single, “Springtime”.

In it, the Boston-based rockers display their understanding of life’s fragility with unyielding conviction; the three-minute-thirty-two-second ode to loved ones now-lost comes beautifully packaged in an enrapturing blend of alternative rock and string sections, which tug gently on the listener’s emotions.

To quote the lyrics: “Springtime, I keep losing my friends and family, too. It’s so strange. Beauty mixed with such pain I can’t reconcile,” is an all-too-real depiction of feelings we inevitably face when the connection between two individuals — whether it be friendship, family or love is cut short.

Check out “Springtime” on YouTube here:

Alt Singer/Songwriting Sisters Caardia are “Over You” in New Single

Fri Apr 02, 2021

Canadian alt pop singer/songwriters Caardia embrace growth and overcome the past in this, their newest single, “Over You”.

The latest to land from the multi-talented powerhouse duo, sisters Celia and Annie Siriopoulos continue to draw on their personal stories and observations as inspiration for their distinct lyrical storytelling. There’s a telepathy shared within their natural chemistry; cascading harmonies bolstered by a sisterly bond result in a synchronicity of their songs as they explore themes of life, challenges, working through pain, and coming out on the other side.

The new song nestles well within this stream, and is a “representation of the vulnerability one can have when having feelings for someone,” Annie shares. “It brings up the fear of ‘new feelings’ and the unknown.”

“The song also acknowledges self-worth, and not relying on someone else for our own happiness and validation,” Celia adds. “By acknowledging our thoughts, we can come to terms with the feelings we have, and start to grow from them.”

Check out “Over You” on YouTube here:

Award-Winning R&B Singer Raja-nee’ Summons Audiences to “Come Get This Love”

Fri Apr 02, 2021

Award-winning Chicago-based neo-soul R&B artist Raja-nee’ summons audiences to “Come Get This Love” in this, her fiery, romantic, and enticing new video and single.

The four-minute, 30 second-spanning tune features musicians John “The Saint” Morris and Wilfred romantic vocal phrases.

The romantic elements are not just reminiscent of some of the singer’s earliest material from back in the “Nenja” Frelix, and is driven by an undeniably funky, yet subtle bass track before its topped off with a steady, calming drum beat — all of which perfectly complements the soothing delivery of Raja-nee’’s day, but much of the music from the 1970s R&B scene too. ‘I’m patiently waiting for you to take me away from here,’ sings the veteran neo soul artist — born Renee Knott-Freeman — in the opening line. ‘It’s driving me crazy, anticipating how you’ll hold me so near.’

Psychedelic Uke-Pop Artist Tim Delaney Finds Where to Begin with Release of Debut EP

Fri Apr 02, 2021

After eight years of dedication, commitment and hard work, Austin, Texas-based psychedelic uke-pop artist Tim Delaney has finally broken out onto the music scene with the release of his debut EP, Where to Begin and lead single “Rocío”

“Rocío” (pronounced roh-see-oh) opens with a beautiful, reverb-heavy chord progression driven by the sounds of Delaney’s calculated acoustic playing abilities; “it’s played on a ukulele,” he shares, “the recorder of stringed instruments.”

Check it out on YouTube here:

Though a simple four-chord song, the song is layered with buttery vocal harmonies, sounds of shakers, and an enchanting guitar solo towards the end.

Singer/Songwriter STEVE PAUL SIMMS has Some “Blues for Back Alley John” in New Release

Fri Mar 26, 2021

Singer/songwriter Steve Paul Simms has some “Blues for Back Alley John” in this, his latest single.

Check out “Blues for Back Alley John” on YouTube here:

The song serves as a celebration for one of Ottawa — and later, Calgary’s — finest bluesmen, the late, great Back Alley John Wilson, Simms shares. “I conjured up a little of Back Alley John’s harmonica magic and philosophical musings for this one,” he explains. “There’s also some vintage Byward Market scenery for good measure.”

The song sits atop the swirling keyboards and biting guitar stylings of Ed Michael Roth and Bob Cohen, respectively, and is the latest to land off of Steve Paul Simms’ fourth album, Ingrid and the Messenger Boy.

Brazil-Born, Montreal-Based Tricia Fitz Speaks Up with New Video for “Millennials”

Fri Mar 26, 2021

Brazil-born, Montreal-based music artist, Tricia Fitz, captures the essence of the Gen-Y lifestyle with her fetching new lyric video single, “Millennials”.

At a runtime of three-minutes-thirteen-seconds, “Millennials'' presents itself with an energetic and fun power pop rock foundation, laced with ragtime keys, trickling synths and brought together with Tricia Ftiz’s signature radiant vocal style. Her keen awareness of the generation’s stereotypes, along with the aforementioned instrumentation makes for a spirited single that’s easy to identify with and sing along to.

Check out the video of “Millennials” here on YouTube:

Velvet-Voiced Alt-Pop Artist velours Sheds Painful Past in New Single, “Your Sweater”

Fri Mar 26, 2021

Multi-award nominated Canadian alt-pop, electro-synth and velvet-voiced artist velours pulls at some of life’s painful yarn in this, her new single “Your Sweater”.

“For me, the concept of the ‘sweater’ represents the physical objects we tend to cling onto after a relationship has ended, and the other person has ‘checked out’ long before you have,” the Saskatoon-based singer/songwriter explains. “This idea of ‘what do you do when everything except them has been left behind’ really stood out to me; all of a sudden, these insignificant objects hold so much weight.”

Check out “Your Sweater” here on YouTube:

The new single is the latest to land from breakthrough artist’s debut EP, Identity — which was produced by multi-Platinum JUNO Award-winning record producer Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen, Bif Naked, CARYS).

Singer/Songwriter Shannon Dooks Eschews All “Doubts” in New Single

Fri Mar 26, 2021

Ahead of the release of her new album, Do It Again, Shannon Dooks, lends her supple voice to its earnest and heartfelt lead single, “Doubts”. When a once-thriving connection turns dubious, acknowledging the signs can be a tough experience — and “Doubts” says it all. Everything from the innocent piano intro to the mellow rhythm sections that follow, the arrangements send the notion of a fond farewell wrapped in a melodic package.

The message within is signed, sealed and delivered by Shannon Dooks’s harmonious and smooth vocal style. Check out “Doubts” here:

Toronto's R&B Neo-Soul Artist Zenesoul Searches for “That Love” in New Single

Fri Mar 26, 2021

“It just needs to be true,” Canadian R&B Neo-soul and Afro-beat artist Zenesoul says, as she looks for “That Love” in her newest single.

Check out “That Love” on YouTube here:

“When I first heard the beat from my producer, Larumadeit, I instantly thought of that nostalgic type of love people had in the past,” Zenesoul — Angie Akhinagba — shares of the song teeming with the lush, enveloping sound that’s all her own. “Think: 90s Black love culture found in movies, family TV shows, and R&B music of the time.

“And this is how I usually write… Not with pen and paper, but with hearing the music, getting a theme or a vibe in mind, and then singing melodies and lyrics to expand it into a song.”

Enchanted by the Stars Above Chanteuse Aieysha Haws Captivates with New Single, “Zodiac Signs”

Fri Mar 26, 2021

Enchanted by the stars above, Canadian pop-R&B chanteuse Aieysha Haws captivates with this, her sophomore single, “Zodiac Signs”.

“My inner child comes out and is making friends in this song — the kid in you never dies,” Haws shares. “I wanted to lead with playfulness, and spark a quirky conversation that was framed to everyone’s favourite topic: the Self.

Check out “Zodiac Signs” on YouTube here:

“I’m inspired by astrology and, while there are people who do and do not believe in it, it was important to me to create a sense of belonging for everyone in this song,” she continues. “I want listeners to be happy and feel good about themselves… It’s that sense of confidence and curiosity that connects the dots, and fun is in the detailed frequency of my questions and queries.”

Douglas Von Irvin’s Carnival Lift the Veil on “Punk Rock Heart” with New Release

Fri Mar 26, 2021

Step right up: Toronto/Los Angeles’ Douglas Von Irvin’s Carnival are set to put their “Punk Rock Heart” on display with this, their new single and video.

The latest to land ahead of the garage-pop pioneers’ forthcoming album, Meet the Monster, this May, “the song was born a couple of years ago while working on a song’s chorus about my mean-eyed cat,” lead singer Douglas Von Irvin divulges. “Later, while on vacation in Las Vegas, my mother surprised me by throwing me into a songwriting class hosted by Gene Simmons.

“So, I came home and fooled around with the song — still writing about my cat’s feral, bouncy heart.”

Check out “Punk Rock Heart” on YouTube here:

Cameron & Crawford Releases Edgy Flamenco-Inspired New Single, “Dark Road”

Fri Mar 26, 2021

Canadian jazz-folk singer/songwriting duo Cameron & Crawford whisk listeners down a “Dark Road” with their new single.

“It started out so innocent…” co-front Trish Cameron winks. “‘Dark Road’ began as just a little Latin/flamenco-influenced number in A minor, then quickly moved into a tale of personal corruption and loss of integrity.”

Check out “Dark Road” on YouTube here:

“Somehow, while arranging the song, we imagined mariachi horns,” co-front Wendy Crawford adds. “From that seed, everyone on the team jumped in to craft the song’s direction.”

Recording engineer and producer Simon Jasieniuk’s rich flamenco guitar and percussion stylings perfectly complement Wendy’s dynamic rhythm guitar and vocal harmonies. Tied together with Trish’s lush lead vocals and Wayne Gustafson’s upright bass, “Dark Road’s” propulsive drive navigates the audience through quite the ride.

Southern Rockers BigMotorGasoline are Pedal to the Metal on The Way Things Used To Be

Fri Mar 26, 2021

At 200,000+ streams across platforms, chart-topping Canadian rockers BigMotorGasoline are pushing pedal to the metal when it comes to this, their latest album The Way Things Used To Be, and new video for single “Whiskey Down”.

Check out the new video on YouTube for “Whiskey Down” here:

Their sophomore offering, The Way Things Used To Be is working man’s, A+ grade, southern rock with a bluesy swagger at its finest. And the video for “Whiskey Down”? Reminiscent of life pre-COVID.

“Making this album was a great experience from start to finish,” lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist John Freitas says of the 10-track release, “and ‘Whiskey Down’ is my favourite song from it.

Emily Taylor Hudson Discovers Love Is a Dirty Word with New EP & Single That Inspired it All

Fri Mar 19, 2021

Rock/pop singer/songwriter Emily Taylor Hudson picked up all the pieces with this, her latest single — “Hearts We Wanna Break” — available now.

This stand out cut off the LA-based artist’s debut EP, Love Is a Dirty Word, yearns with a grinding sorrow cast amongst velvet vocals and driving rock n’ roll.

“‘Hearts We Wanna Break’ was written about a friendship I thought would last a lifetime, and the brutal feeling of betrayal ripping apart the good between me and someone I loved,” she shares. “This song represents the moment I realized that love is a dirty word.”

Check out “Hearts We Wanna Break” here on YouTube:

Her talents were fostered from an early age, growing up in a creative family with her parents, Cindy Williams (Laverne & Shirley) and Bill Hudson (The Hudson Brothers), and her brother, musician, Zak Hudson.

Craig Cardiff Releases Eponymous Single To Long-Awaited Album “All This Time Running”

Fri Mar 19, 2021

Waterloo-raised, Ottawa-based indie folk legend-in-the-making, Craig Cardiff, sets out on his latest musical journey with his warm and gripping new single “All This This Time Running” ahead of his new album of the same name -- available now!

Check out the single “All This This Time Running” on YouTube here:

The three-minute-six-second single is an indirect ode to Cardiff’s long withstanding journey exploring the frontiers of, not only the Canadian, but international folk music realms, while coming back to his roots as a musician. The message is also indicative of our personal journeys we embark upon; always coming back as a stronger, humbler, and wiser version ourselves.

To quote Cardiff himself: “All of the movement and all the activity is only to arrive where we've been for a long time -- Home.”

Alt-Pop Duo k. sofia Invite Audiences to Get “Intimate” with Cheeky New Single

Fri Mar 19, 2021

Brooklyn-based alt-pop duo K. Sofia are standing in the wake of Valentine’s Day with their cheeky new single (and comedic, innuendo-laden video to match) — “Intimate”.

Check out the YouTube of “Intimate” here:

Throughout the video, K. Sofia can be seen dancing together — with various outfit changes — throughout their apartment. A consistent backlight vignette with a pink glow sets the scene, accompanying sporadic messages such as “You’re sweet,” “Be mine,” “Only you,” and “I’m yours.” The funny and lighthearted creation started out as another one of their “DIY music videos,” according to the group — something they’ve been doing since breaking out onto the music scene last year, to help pass time during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.