Kelly & Gibson “Get This Right,” With Music On Debut EP Affinity

Fri Jul 31, 2020

With their music sitting at well over one+ million plays across platforms, multi-award nominated and MTV-featured Canadian pop artists Kelly & Gibson continue to fête their debut EP, Affinity, as recently announced semi-finalists in the 2020 Unsigned Only Music Competition.

The four-track album’s most recent single, 2020’s “Get This Right,” was the second song the Vancouver-based duo of Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson penned for the project, and speaks volumes on the album’s thematic muse.

Watch and listen to “Get This Right” here:

“In general, we were very inspired by relationships for this EP,” they offer. “We wrote ‘Get This Right,’ in particular, after a night spent talking with friends for hours about past relationships we all had, current long-term ones we were in, and what makes relationships work in the long run.”