Indigenous Rocker PaulStar Is Living His Best Life After A Mission To “Find Myself” On New Single

Fri Oct 30, 2020

Award-nominated alt-pop / contemporary rocker and producer PaulStar is living his ‘Best Life’ after a mission to “Find Myself” with the release of his introspective and astute new single and same-titled album.

Watch “Find Myself” here:

“This song is about spiraling through dark times, and how you need to find that balance in life,” he shares. “I’m happy to say that music has helped my broken heart heal and that, no matter what obstacle you may face, you just need to keep going. “‘Sacrifice’ is very relatable,” PaulStar continues. “The message is to keep going, no matter what is trying to hold you back, whereas ‘Shine Brighter’ is a song about haters and ignoring what they say or think about what you’re doing.

Indigenous Alt-Pop Contemporary Rocker & Award-Nominated Producer PaulStar Pauses “One Last Time”

Fri Sep 11, 2020

Award-nominated Canadian alt-pop / contemporary rocker and producer PaulStar explores long-held and unexpressed grief “One Last Time” in this, his new single — available now.

“This is the very first song I worked on in the Fall last year, and I finished it that winter,” he recalls of “One Last Time.” “It’s about losing a loved one.

Watch and Listen to “One Last Time” Here:

“It took me a few years to grieve for my grandfather. I had no words to express that grief in a song until that Fall. From there, I included the others I’ve lost as well.”