Icelandic Artist Kahnin Releases Timelier than Ever New Single, “DuckTape"

Fri Sep 18, 2020

With 30,000 streams and rising, Icelandic singer/songwriter Kahnin — Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson — muses on mistaken identity and answering to authorities in the release of his new single, “DuckTape”.

“‘DuckTape’ is a song that can take on many meanings,” Kahnin shares. “For example, it can easily be associated with all the craziness that is going on in the world today, but mostly, it’s a song about being in the wrong place at the wrong time — kids having fun, sort of thing —  mistaken identity, and being interrogated by the authorities in an unethically harsh manner.

Check out “DuckTape” here:

“The song’s main mechanics started after I had been watching some CIA conspiracy documentary. I imagined how horrible it would be to be mistaken for some counterspy, and if it would ever be possible to get out of a situation like that.