HemlockHotel Release Smooth-Rocking, Melodic New Single, “Angry Young Man”

Fri Feb 25, 2022

Being young often means dealing with emotions you don’t fully understand; it’s only with age that real perspective and true maturity can be gained. Ottawa-based HemlockHotel captures that conundrum with their melodic, smooth-rockin’ Americana anthem “Angry Young Man” – check out the YouTube here:

A warm blend of rich, full-bodied acoustic guitar, wailing electric guitar, and easy beats, “Angry Young Man” tells the first-person narrative about a confused young man in conflict with the people he loves, even though he knows it isn’t deserved.

Well, I am a soldier
Without a cause
Well, I keep on fightin’
The people I love
Come on dear Jesus
I’m not a saint

HemlockHotel Offer Insight into the State of “America” with New Single

Thu Oct 01, 2020

Ottawa, ON-based folk-rock Americana band HemlockHotel are singing of “America” in this, their new single.

Watch and listen to “America” here:

Arriving on the precipice of the trio’s forthcoming self-titled album set for release this October, “America” is about growing up and wondering if you’re bound to repeat the life of your ancestors.

“Some critics wondered why a Canadian band wrote a song that focused on the USA and there are a few reasons,” band member Rod Leggett offers. “Though I was listening to a bunch of protest music, the muse did visit so I listened before she escaped.

“A lot of us want to see political change, but how do you go about that when you no longer have role models? There’s a line in the song about ‘what can be done, of fathers and sons?’; the boy in the song wants a better world, and a country that can stand on its feet, but he’s clearly unsure of himself and what to do.