Jimmie Rodgers Another Voice Silenced

Fri Jan 22, 2021

American singer/songwriter Jimmie Rodgers has passed away at age 87. The cause of death and the location has not been released at this time.  Jimmie Rodgers was born just across the river from Portland, Oregon in  Camas, Washington where he took music in school and sang in the choir.

He started singing around 1952, joined the Air Force and got deployed to Korea. While in the military, he joined a band called "The Melodies" and during his service he was transferred to Nashville to Seward Air Force Base from 1954-1956.  It was during this time that he began expanding his musical repertoire. While in Nashville he heard the song that would change his life, “Honeycomb.” He started singing around in clubs with his eye on one day becoming a recording artist. He worked his way to California where he auditioned for different folks until he eventually headed east to New York City.