Cigar Club Storm the Scene with Brooding, Bone-Chilling New Single “Like White Flats in Winter”

Fri Apr 23, 2021

Canadian rockers Cigar Club are storming the scene with this brooding, bone-chilling, goosebump-inducing new single, “Like White Flats in Winter”.

The song lands ahead of the Toronto-based band’s forthcoming and highly-anticipated debut album, Day, Now, and serves as yet another pitch-perfect introduction to the crew, offering you a little bit of everything and more.

“Like White Flats in Winter” is the third and latest single from the upcoming record, and quite possibly the band’s most unique to date. It kicks off with a simple, yet catchy, chord progression, which is accompanied by the longing vocal phrases of frontman Trev Coughlin — which instills a powerful feeling of sadness and doom within the listener.

Check out “Like White Flats in Winter” here:

Canadian Rockers Cigar Club Release Heavy Hitting Double Single, “...Aliens” and “Swimmin’ in Gold”

Fri Mar 05, 2021

In preparation for the release of their upcoming debut album, Day, Now this May, Cigar Club — the Toronto-based rock band — have just released not one, but two brand-new singles: “…Aliens” and “Swimmin’ in Gold.”

“…Aliens” is an instant classic: a pummeling rock-meets-punk track driven by one of the tightest drum and bass duos of the year. Seriously, fills galore! Percussionist Tyler Booth and bassist Jeff LeFort really pack a punch together on this one.

Check out “…Aliens” on YouTube here:

Better yet, the pair’s backing gang vocals — along with those of lead guitarist Dan Amato-Gauci’s — complement frontman Dan Amato-Gauci’s own smashing vocal delivery.

“This song is so much fun to play,” said the enthusiastic “Trev.” “It’s fast and has gang vocals and a wicked drum intro that’s just like, ‘let’s go,’” he concluded.