Halifax's Lisa Richard’s New Single Has “News You Can Use”

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Talk about Promises Kept… Downhome Canadian country maven Lisa Richard is back with some “News You Can Use” – check it out on YouTube

The East Coast crooner shares a deeply personal, uplifting, and uptempo track that shines a light on homegrown values, staying optimistic, and finding the good in the everyday.

The magic behind Lisa Richard’s heartfelt songwriting is the authenticity that oozes from every note; her vocal prowess delivers on the melody, unearthing what matters most to each of us. Matched with her ability to write a track that is equal parts catchy as it is sincere, “News You Can Use” is another capturing of the moments that matter the most. Richard is spellbinding, and captivating; coercing you to swim in nostalgia, and you appreciate the world at present.

Cashbox Radio Christmas & Holiday Pick Hits Pt. 2

Fri Dec 10 2021
Cashbox Radio Christmas Pick Hits

With the holidays in full swing, radio is on high rotation of the usual Christmas hits and the nostalgic classics, but in keeping with our beliefs in giving Indies and Legendary artists to be played on the same shows we are doing a special Pick Hit list for the Holidays.

At Cashbox Canada and Cashbox Radio, we have been receiving some great new Christmas tunes and I would like to share the second round of Top Cashbox Radio Christmas Pick Hits that are now being played on Cashbox Radio.

We would really love if you give these songs a boost by listening to Cashbox Radio, and heading to our Request link here:

Who knows? Maybe that future classic is right here on the Top Pick Hits – more to come next week!

Because at Cashbox Radio we believe someone has to play that future hit for the first time – and we want it to be us!

Country Artist Lisa Richard Gives Ode to the Spirit of Christmas with “Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick”

Fri Dec 10 2021
Lisa Richard

There are lots of songs about Santa, but very few pay adequate tribute to just what a diligent, hardworkin’ guy he is. Multi-award nominated Canadian country crooner Lisa Richard is on a merry mission to do just that with the release of her fun, energetic new single, “Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick” — available now.

“I wanted to create a song that felt like a down-home country Christmas singalong, and have people feel like a kid again,” Richard says. “Something to put a smile on your face, tap your toes, and share with family and friends.”

The song starts out with the scratchy rotation of an old record, followed by Christmas bells, and then the guitar and the banjo chime in. That’s when we immediately figure out that Lisa Richard and her band are about to give us a proper country Christmas song. The pace picks up, and that’s when you realize it’s the kind that makes you want to grab your family and friends for a little line dance across the living room. You might even want to shout the lyrics along with the chorus.

Award-Nominated Country Artist Lisa Richard and Releases New Single, “Together”

Fri May 28, 2021

In an homage to the bright side of life, award-nominated Halifax, NS country crooner Lisa Richard spins a tale of good vibes, good company, and good times on her single “Together” – check it out on YouTube here:

“‘Together’ was written a few years ago with my co-writers Rick Tiger and Jeff Wanex in Nashville,” Richard says of creating the track. “We wrote it after one of my trips to Europe where I got to perform in Budapest. I remember thinking that, although the majority of the audience didn't understand English, they could fully understand the music I was playing. It's true what they say… Music is a universal language!”