Ottawa Artist Ash Ravens Serenades the Soul with Warm & Bittersweet “Home”

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Ottawa-based Bangladeshi guitarist and singer/songwriter Ash Ravens serenades the soul with a tale of finding warmth and familiarity in new places with his bittersweet new single “Home” – check it out on YouTube here:

Enriched by a soothing groove and satisfying nylon string guitar melodies, “Home” is a love song about the unparalleled comfort of feeling at home. For some people, feelings of warmth and belonging aren’t solely associated with a place and, as Ash puts it, “the feeling of ‘Home’ for some people might be a person with whom they feel their truest self.”

Ash Ravens breathes new life into universal messages of honesty and openness with a rhythmic maturity that compliments the personal subject matter.

‘In a room full of friends
I’d still be alone
No matter where I am
You’ll always be my Home’

Rocker Ash Ravens Reflects on Toxic Relationships with “Beautiful Lies”

Fri Aug 06, 2021

Taking on the “lies and deception” this Ottawa-based, Bangladeshi-born rocker experienced in a past relationship, bilingual musical virtuoso Ash Ravens has burst onto the Canadian music scene with a brand-new, tongue-in-cheek single called “Beautiful Lies” — available now!

Complemented by emotional instrumentals, Ravens’ richly layered lyricism is drenched in satire as he sardonically projects so-called love for his partner’s lies — all while feeling used and trapped in a cycle of toxicity, with no idea how to escape.

In his own words, the veteran musician summarizes the song as being about “knowing when the other person is lying and cheating,” he shares. “You let them keep doing it, and let them dig their own grave.”