Manhattan-Based Pop Artist D.K. LYONS Breathes Readies the Season of Sun with New Single, “Summer Lullabies (Tropical Remix)”

Fri May 20, 2022

D.K. LYONS’ revamp of his pop-rock anthem “Summer Lullabies (Tropical Remix)” is a fluid, feel-good pop remix sure to splash some color on your summer playlist – check it out on YouTube:

Featuring Rafa Soto, “Summer Lullabies (Tropical Remix)” is an optimistic and vibrant banger ubiquitous with bubbly lyrics and tones. Fueled by hyperbolic rays of sunshine and crashing waves, D.K. LYONS’s remix of “Summer Lullabies” is reminiscent of a mixture of Kygo and Bad Bunny smashing together in a musical hadron collider.