Canadian Hip Hop / Hard Rocker Brenin Edmunds Shutters The Year with New Release

Fri Dec 06, 2019

What do you get when you cross a hard rock lead singer with an early 90’s hip-hop head? You get Brenin Edmunds. Since the age of 13, Brenin aka RUBiX has been working diligently to mix his eclectic taste of music into cohesive art. From hip-hop to rock, hard rock to jazz, industrial to techno and everything in between, Brenin has made a name for himself by producing music that sits comfortably outside of each core genre.

Canadian hip hop hard rocker Brenin Edmunds shuts the year down with a fitting throwback in the form of his sophomore LP, TWENTY18 — and “Da Bom 1 Day” — watch the video here:

“I began writing TWENTY18 in 2018 during my ongoing separation/divorce, and custody battle for my daughter,” Edmunds says of the process behind the release as a whole. “I was dealing directly with the heartbreak, anger, trauma, and then the subsequent situation regarding the breakup.

“Also, I endured a wrongful dismissal from my previous employment, and I had to deal with restarting the project three times due to producers bailing on the project.