Fri Sep 27, 2019

Canadian alt-folk singer/songwriter Jez Bonham has opened up, sharing through song relatable revelations on depression and anxiety in his intimate, inviting new video, “Mental Health” — available now.

The single may be track #5 on the British Columbia-based artist’s 2019 debut EP, Thoughts into Sound, but its intimate insights offered have been something more like a personal soundtrack.

“I have battled with this all of my life,” Bonham shares of his struggle. “This song is an example of what my daily process would be… Beat myself down, over and over again… And then try to pick myself up just enough to do something as simple as leave the house. It can feel crippling.”

As far as debut releases go, Thoughts into Sound doesn’t arrive shy; the album serves as a raw, unfiltered autobiography, with lyrics and sound that march listeners from summertime bliss, to painful relationships, to the ear-splitting silence that is a torture-ridden mind.

Music was always set to be the outlet for Jez Bonham; growing up in one of Canada’s most scenic, snow-capped landscapes, the 19-year old came by his ardent musical interest honestly with his father a folk singer/songwriter and his grandfather an Italian opera aficionado.

“I couldn’t help but follow in their footsteps,” he muses. “I finally wrote what felt like a mess in my head into Thoughts into Sound.

“When I wrote this song, I was unable to perform it in front of anyone except my girlfriend,” he continues, on “Mental Health.” “I was scared… Like many others, I was suffering in silence.

“Somewhere along the way, I realized there are millions of people who are going through this exact issue. I started tailoring the song more towards triumph, and more towards beating the mental health issues.

“I wanted to push myself and challenge myself to succeed, and I think if others listen to it, they can think of themselves as that person as well… As that champion who can succeed.

“And it’s all about being a champion, even if it’s just being a champion of getting out of the house in the morning.”

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