Reggae Rock-Pop Duo Black Creek Reign Embrace Escapism & Summer Vibes in New Single, “Run Away”

Fri Apr 23, 2021

Award-winning reggae rock-pop duo Black Creek Reign continue to ride the wave of recent critical acclaim with this, the release of their newest single, “Run Away”.

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Echoing calls to a lover to pick up and take off for a night, and teeming with sweet thoughts and island vibes, the track features Black Creek Reign members Darren Armoogam and Lex Stultz alongside collaborations with fellow Toronto-based crossover group, The Band Destiny, and Caribbean artist, Logun.

“Reggae is a genre that’s been near and dear to our hearts since our inception,” Armoogam shares. “It’s energetic, vibrant, calming, and can even be political at the same time.

Award-Winning Toronto Rock Trio Black Creek Reign Release NEW Single “The Rain”

Fri Jun 05, 2020

Award-winning and critically acclaimed Canadian band Black Creek Reign have unleashed their newest single, “The Rain”.

Beckoning back to the glory days of guitar-centric bar rock — we’re talking inspirational nods to the likes of Santana, Hendrix and Chicago — Black Creek Reign and members Darren Armoogam, Lex Stultz, and Jake Birman harness their signature blend of rock, funk, with dashes of reggae, pop and jazz, in this, their latest sonic offering.

“We captured ‘The Rain’ on purely analogue equipment,” the band says of the track. “The melodic idea was conceived almost instantly while rehearsing in a studio downtown Toronto… We wanted to blend both old and new sounds.

“Lyrically, though, we took our time,” they add. “We wanted the song to have a deeper resonance that’s more personal to us.

“That said, we also tried to follow in the footsteps of legendary songwriters like The Beatles and the Eagles and leave the meaning of the song open to the interpretation of the audience.

“Like, is it a cathartic call to a past lover? A fractured relationship being dealt a final nail in the coffin? Is it about the weather?