Multi-Award-Nominated New Brunswick-based Indigenous Singer/Songwriter Mike Bern Pays Tribute to “Ancestors” with Release of New Folk-Rock Single

Fri Apr 15, 2022

Multi-award-nominated New Brunswick-based Indigenous singer/songwriter Mike Bern pays tribute to those who came before him with the melancholy new single, “Ancestors”.

Listen to “Ancestors” here on Spotify:

Hailing from Tobique First Nation, “Ancestors” is a song inspired by a visit Bern made to an Angel Reader — a person who can communicate and receive an angel’s words and visions.

Bern visited while grieving a family passing, and a message was received; it was a call to action to use the power of song to honour those who came before. “Ancestors” is Mike Bern’s dedication to the sacrifices of generations of a family whose shoulders he rests upon.

An ethereal soundscape with lush guitars, anthemic vocals, and catchy synth harmonies, “Ancestors” tells this story of pride while a range of musical influences is complemented by bold lyrics that draw on the strength of Bern’s forbears and the connection to his ancestry.

Award-Winning Indigenous Folk Rocker Mike Bern Releases Debut Solo EP Waponahkew

Fri Jun 19, 2020

Tobique First Nation, NB-based, award-winning and 2018 Olympic Games-featured Indigenous folk rock artist Mike Bern has released his debut solo EP Waponahkew.

Meaning ‘Person of the Dawn,’ Waponahkew and its title track pay stunning homage and gratitude to Bern’s Waponahki Ancestors, while “First Mother draws on the book “The Red Man” for inspiration; the release’s single “Apatapasiq” honours the suffering and stories of residential school survivors — including those in his own family.

Watch and listen to: Waponahkew here: