Delyn Grey Stakes Claim to Passion & Purpose in New Single, “Set Me Free”

Fri Oct 08, 2021

Continuing to break barriers and make waves within the rock and alt-pop world, Delyn Grey boldly stakes claim to her passions and purpose on this, her new single, “Set Me Free”.

Watch and listen to “Set Me Free” here:

“This song is a release; it’s relief and empowerment,” she shares of the track. “It’s ‘moving forward’ and ‘getting it done.’”

It’s a sentiment that hits close to home for the Bif Naked-managed singer, songwriter, and production powerhouse. Eschewing traditional love-and-heartbreak themes rife within the genres, Grey combines modern-day R&B and electronic vibes with edgier rock elements reminiscent of grunge’s earlier starts.

Canadian Alt-Rocker Delyn Grey Cuts Off the Cynics in New Single, “Daddy’s Love”

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Canadian alt-rocker Delyn Grey squares noxious naysayers away with the release of her searing new single, “Daddy’s Love”.

“I love this song, man,” the Toronto-based artist levels from the outset. “It’s gotten me through some serious mind-screws. It’s a relief.”

Check out “Daddy’s Love” on YouTube here:

But it’s not just for her, the powerhouse vocalist, songwriter, and producer adds. “I want people to feel empowered to deflect other people’s defeatist projections with this one. I want them to know: don’t ever let anyone dictate what your relationship with your passion, your loved ones, and yourself look like.

“It’s not up to them, and you must be pretty cool if people are trying to keep you from reaching your full potential, ha!”

Indie Alt Rock Breakout Artist Delyn Grey Observes Life’s New Normal in “Ghost Town”

Fri Mar 05, 2021

Under Bif Naked’s Management Wing, “Ghost Town” Follows Latest Blogger Favourite “Battle” & Lands Ahead of Forthcoming EP, Disappointment Girl

Canadian indie alt rocker Delyn Grey alludes to the world’s ‘new normal’ in her latest single, “Ghost Town” — Check out the video here on YouTube:

The track lands soon after this year’s breakout single, “Battle” — recently featured by Obscure Sound, We All Want Someone To Shout For, Yellow Black Music, Art Publika Mag, Acronym Official, Music Mayhem Magazine, Life Beyond the Music, LeFuture Wave, Press Party, Aupium, Shock Ya, Alternative Nation,, Paper Blog, New Sick Music, News Break, Indie Pulse Music, Daily Blocks, On Stage Magazine, IMDB, KMS, Audible Addixion, Breaking and Entering, This Is Not The Radio, Higher Plain Music, Modern Mystery, and more.

Canadian Indie Wonder Delyn Grey Taps Into Bloodied Heart Of Heavy Blues On Latest Single

Fri Nov 27, 2020

To some people the sound of thunder may seem to be a portent, yet to young Toronto artist Delyn Grey it signals empowerment. Her rise has been a striking contrast to the dreary air of 2020, and though Delyn’s forthcoming EP is titled Disappointment Girl — and singles “Battle” and “Ghost Town” addressed the dark issues of depression and quarantine — Grey’s songs strike a chord with too many a listener to dub her a disappointment.

The Canadian’s new cut “Listen To The Thunder” will surely multiply the number of her fans because it’s a testament to Grey’s maturity as a musician — a writer and a performer.

Check out “Listen To The Thunder” here: