Toronto Singer/Songwriter Shannon Dooks Eschews All “Doubts” in New Single

Fri Jul 02, 2021

It’s the ‘straight from the cereal bag.’ It’s the steering wheel slam. It’s the glow-up, the girlfriends, and the goblet of red. Moment by moment, Oshawa-born, Toronto-based singer/songwriter Shannon Dooks delves deep into “Doubts” and those post-breakup blues with this, her new official video — check it out on YouTube here:

Landing ahead of this year’s forthcoming release, ‘Do It Again’, “we wanted to capture the very private moments of a woman going through a breakup, and how she copes with it all,” Dooks says of the official visual’s concept. “We wanted to weave through some relatable, light-hearted moments, as well as underlying tones of realness.

“Ultimately, the video embodies how I work through my own self-care after cutting ties with someone who consistently let me down.”

Singer/Songwriter Shannon Dooks Eschews All “Doubts” in New Single

Fri Mar 26, 2021

Ahead of the release of her new album, Do It Again, Shannon Dooks, lends her supple voice to its earnest and heartfelt lead single, “Doubts”. When a once-thriving connection turns dubious, acknowledging the signs can be a tough experience — and “Doubts” says it all. Everything from the innocent piano intro to the mellow rhythm sections that follow, the arrangements send the notion of a fond farewell wrapped in a melodic package.

The message within is signed, sealed and delivered by Shannon Dooks’s harmonious and smooth vocal style. Check out “Doubts” here: