Ottawa Composer Huguette Lavigne Celebrates the First Blush of Love with “I’ll Make You Happy”

Fri Feb 18 2022
Huguette Lavigne

All humans know it: there’s nothing quite like feeling that exquisite mind and body rush and intrinsic connection when you’re in the presence of the one you love. Ottawa-based pianist and composer Huguette Lavigne has captured that complex and thrilling set of emotions in her latest contemporary instrumental single, “I’ll Make You Happy” – check it out on YouTube here:

Lavigne’s joyous piece, with its ascending and descending progressions, excitement building crescendos, and a touch of nostalgia, takes you on a very similar ride to the one your heart takes when falling in love.

“A blush radiating from the core. A twinkle in the eye and your heart tells you what to do,” describes the Ottawa-based piano innovator. “When there is no need to say anything. When anything can happen.

“So, you see? Flirting can open the door to a nice conversation.”

Canadian Composer Huguette Lavigne Soars with Stunning New Single, “On Cloud 9”

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Music, at its very best, is a transportive experience. A bright, happy sounding melody can send our spirits soaring and, conversely, a sad, contemplative song can move us to tears. On that note, Canadian contemporary instrumental composer Huguette Lavigne is on a musical mission to lift us all into the happiest of places with this, her latest release, “On Cloud 9” — available now!

“In this piece, it’s a natural high,” says the Ottawa-based pianist. “You’re floating on air, happy, uplifted by the clouds and all is well with the world.

“The blue of the sky is also a constant and calming influence.”

It’s true. We all tend to look skyward at times for inspiration and comfort, and Lavigne’s joyous, ascending piano melody in “On Cloud 9” steadily rises up into the blue to give us a soft, fluffy landing.

Lavigne also knows that everyone’s ‘Cloud 9’ is decorated a little differently, and the routes taken to get there are not all the same. “Believe it or not, there are over 300 words and phrases to describe the phrase ‘On Cloud 9’,” notes Lavigne. “Take what you will from this!”

Check out “On Cloud 9” here:

Ottawa Composer Huguette Lavigne Throws Back in the Key of “Piano Retro”

Fri Jul 09 2021
Huguette Lavigne

Innovative and prolific composer Huguette Lavigne is throwing back and taking you along for a jazzed-up, improvisational ride to “Piano Retro”.

Check out “Piano Retro” on YouTube here:

The Ottawa-based pianist calls this new release from her latest album Five O’Clock Somewhere “old-school piano jazz… An easy going, smooth flowing, just plain cool jazzy piece and good for the soul.”

She then sets the throwback scene featuring an old-time jazz club player that she imagines performing the song. “Some guy sits down in a smoky room at a large black grand and plays around with jazzy swirls, runs and melodic twists,” Lavigne describes. “He doesn’t take it too seriously, and it all ends with his notes slipping down a long glissando and the bubbles on his brain disappear.”

Ottawa-based Composer Huguette Lavigne Makes Her Piano Dance on the “Rails”

Fri May 07, 2021

Ottawa-based pianist and composer Huguette Lavigne returns with another sparkling addition to her collection of solo piano pieces, “Rails”.

Featuring a lovely, dancing upper melody supported by ascending arpeggios, “Rails” carries the listener along a sun-dappled stream just shy of three minutes long. Much like many of her over 40 piano works, this is another beautiful manifestation of Lavigne’s desire to let go and let the muse take her wherever it pleases. 

Check out “Rails” on YouTube here:

“There is something about breaking the rules that can be terribly satisfying,” she says. “My fingers sometimes go where they want to on the keyboard and at times I sort of have to take them back home or rein them in.”