Indie Rocker Siobamm Toys With a Dangerous Dose of Rock and Skating in “Pick Yr Poison”

Fri Oct 01, 2021

Canadian indie rocker, Derby-enthusiast, and Roller Skating extraordinaire Siobamm faces off with another synth-infused rock anthem in searing new single, “Pick Yr Poison”.

The Toronto-based Roller Derby athlete focused her attention on music during the global pandemic, giving her a chance to marry her love for creating with her passion for skating. The two coming together in phenomenal fashion, Siobamm becomes them both: the champion of a grossly underrated sport, and a stand-out voice in a crowd of indie musicians clamoring to be a part of the scene.

And she weaves the two seamlessly.

Check out the really cool video on YouTube here:

Fresh off her recent EP, Gloom Patrol, “Pick Your Poison” sees Siobamm wrestle with love lost, and a woman scorned. Hell hath no fury, they say, and for this music maven, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Toronto Rocker and Roller Derby Star Siobamm Crushes “Bones” with New Single

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Roller derby enthusiast turned production badass of rock and roll, Siobamm trades in her roller skates for electric guitars and microphones on her new single, “Bones”.

Check out “Bones” on YouTube here:

The indie songstress is no stranger to the recording studio, having been introduced to the music community through her family’s band Madd Paddy. As Siobamm remembers, she stepped into the recording booth at the age of ten, and thereafter spent her formative years in Irish bars watching her talented kin perform. Now, she’s utilized her know-how and the creative genes passed down to her to create, design and devise a home studio she can call her own. From derby girl to songwriter, and producer, Siobamm can safely say she inherited the family business.