Halifax Country Rockers HOT MONDY Raise the Roof on Self-Reflection with “Tell Me I’m Good”

Fri Feb 11, 2022

The journey from childhood to adulthood is rife with external influences that shape us and leave lasting impressions; the adults in every child’s life leave indelible imprints as kids grow up. Exploring this shared human experience, inventive country rock band Hot Mondy turns the spotlight on self-worth with their soul searching, yet jubilant new single, “Tell Me I’m Good”.

Check out “Tell Me I’m Good” on YouTube here:

“‘Tell Me I’m Good’ is a self-examination of how our upbringing impacts how we see ourselves as adults,” explains the band. “The idea that how we see ourselves reflects the messaging we receive from parents, teachers, coaches as adolescents, for better or worse.”

If you told me I’m good
Maybe I would
Find a way to feel ease in my own skin

Country Rockers Hot Mondy Release Some Good Outlaw Country with Single, “Vampire”

Fri Nov 12, 2021

Sexy, stylish, and, well, a bit spine-tingling are descriptions that aren’t usually applied to classic country music, until now as Canadian country rock quintet Hot Mondy unleashes a toe-tapping, hair-raising new single and video in “Vampire” — check it out on YouTube here:

Three singles and videos into the reveal of their debut EP Pale Embers, we’ve come to not only expect the unexpected, but be delighted by it from this Halifax-based band of five outlaw country-loving musicians and friends. And as a tempting slice of country-noir, “Vampire” continues Hot Mondy’s newly minted tradition of creating music that is both respectfully nostalgic and unapologetically modern.

Country Rock Band Hot Mondy Release Vagabond-Inspired Sophomore Single, “Desert Moonlight”

Fri Oct 01, 2021

If you thought Halifax, NS-based country rock band Hot Mondy couldn’t pull any more aces out of their sleeve this season, you are sorely mistaken. Featuring the all-star cast of musicians you have come to know and love, the Halifax-based band’s newest single “Desert Moonlight” — available now — creates an illustrious image of vagabonds and bagmen working under the cover of darkness.

Featuring five friends who have a passion for outlaw country music, Hot Mondy recently debuted single “Pale Embers” and, while the track created an emotional and dramatic picture of the final strings that tend to keep fading love together, “Desert Moonlight” steers Hot Mondy in a different direction.

‘I make the drop, take my brick of cash.
Back on the road to make another dash.’

Art-Rock Country Rock Collective Hot Mondy Shines Through With 'Pale Ember'

Fri Aug 13, 2021

With an all-star production, video, and contributing roster, to boot, Canadian art-rock country collective Hot Mondy seize an all-new and outside-the-box creative license to write and record their first single, “Pale Ember,” and breakthrough debut self-titled EP.

Helping to hone Hot Mondy’s exploration of sound for the release was multi-JUNO winning producer Michael Philip Wojewoda (Barenaked Ladies, Rheostatics, Great Big Sea, The Jerry Cans); the band and Wojewoda came together at Toronto’s Revolution Recording in early 2020 to track songs, but that was all they could get done for a while…

The band had just returned to Halifax after initial tracking when the COVID-19 pandemic shut the whole country down for well over a year. “It was both fun and challenging figuring out how to finish the EP during Covid,” the band recalls, “but it informed many of our choices in a really interesting way.”