Sylvia Kay Pens Nostalgic Ode to Coming of Age in Shimmering New Single, “Legacy”

Fri May 13, 2022

There’s that wistful, scary realization many of us have on the cusp of becoming adults that nothing – absolutely nothing – is going to stay the same. Canadian pop-country songbird Sylvia Kay captures that heady mix of emotions so beautifully in her new single “Legacy” – check out on YouTube here:

“Legacy” starts out shimmering with mellow beats underneath, and then Kay’s voice comes in ethereal and crystalline, painting a watercolor of her hometown — the blue skies, the violets, the dusty, tree-lined backroad where her dad used to speed. She’s looking around, soaking it in, taking mental snapshots, and taking us along on this journey to adulthood. “What does living on the edge of seventeen even mean? / All these people tryna tell me who they want me to be,” she sings.